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5. Types of Accommodation ___


Tourism is a major industry in Copenhagen and the number of overnight stays in the city and the Greater Copenhagen region is increasing steadily. The Copenhagen Region and its near neighbour, Malmo in Sweden, together offer more than 165 hotels with 17,000 rooms and more in the pipeline! Copenhagen alone offers 132 hotels with 14,324 rooms. In 2003, the number of overnight stays in the Copenhagen Region amounted to more than 6 million bed nights, of which foreign visitors accounted for 60 per cent.

Copenhagen has every type of accommodation to suit you and your budget. With more than 15.000 beds, no matter whether you are planning a holiday, a special weekend or a business meeting, there is something here for you from a friendly B&B to five star hotel luxury. You can even bring your own bed and camp!

Copenhagen is also one of the world's most popular congress cities, consistently ranking among the world's top ten. Within 20 minutes of the city centre, and close to the Øresund Bridge to Sweden, lies Scandinavia's largest showcase. The Bella Convention & Exhibition Centre covers 115,000 square meters and has a capacity of 7,300 concurrent congress participants. In terms of smaller scale gatherings, most hotels in Copenhagen and Malmo offer ample facilities to cater to larger meetings, events and conferences. With a total of 97 international congresses in 2003, Copenhagen has strengthened its position as one of the world's most attractive international congress cities (source: UIA - the Union of International Associations).

The demand for Copenhagen as a congress city is mainly due to the short distances between hotels and conference facilities, and the fact that Copenhagen Airport is Northern Europe's central air traffic hub. In addition, Copenhagen is known for its low crime rate, its general efficiency and the high standard of its cultural and entertainment attractions.

Finally, Copenhagen is the largest cruise port in northern Europe. Last year more than 320,000 passengers arrived in the city on 270 cruise ships, providing a total turnover of approximately DKK 578 million for the city. The Copenhagen season usually runs from mid-May till late September.

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