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6. How to move around and where to go___


Tahiti’s 118 fabulous islands are scattered across five far-flung Archipelagoes, each with their own particular character and whose inhabitants have adapted the 21st century to the ancient rhythms of the ocean and the sun.
The Society Islands (made up of the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands), is a group of high tropical islands, the main one of which is Tahiti, the largest of the Polynesian islands, with Papeete as its administrative capital. This group also includes the famous islands of Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora and Maupiti.

The Tuamotu group is a collection of low islands or atolls. Here is a very special world, situated between sky and sea. Each island is encircled on its lagoon by a ring of coral. It is an favourable environment to pearl farming. Rangiroa, Tikehau, Manihi, Fakarava are the ones most frequently visited.

The Marquesas are a group of high islands near the equator whose steep mountains are inhabited by horses, goats and pigs. The most well-known are Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Ua Pou and Ua Huka which offer the tourist among many numerous points of interest, a magnificent arboretum.
The Austral archipelago, situated far to the south, includes high islands with nature in the wild. There are a variety of tropical plants and plants from temperate regions also. This environment is favorable to market gardening.

A special attraction on the Austral Islands occurs every year from June to October when the whales meet in the warm, shallow waters.

The Gambier archipelago, consisting of the high island of Mangareva and its fringe of islands, which are the eroded remains of its former gigantic crater, is situated in the far eastern corner of French Polynesia. Rarely visited, it is a good farms.

Travelling between islands:

By plane:

Regulars flights:
Air Tahiti regularly operates flights between 41 islands out of Tahiti also Air Moorea operates shuttle service between Papeete and Moorea every 30 minutes to 1 hour (10 minute flights).

Charter carriers upon request:
Wan Air, Air Archipels, Air Tahiti.

By boat:

Catamarans and ferry boats:
They provide roundtrip crossings from Tahiti to Moorea several times a day.

Schooners and cargo boats:
They serve all the inhabited islands and Papeete.
Rotations vary according to the destinations : three times a week to the Society Islands, every fifteen days to the Maquesas Islands and the Austral Archipelago and every month to the island of Mangareva.

How to get around on the islands?

On the island of Tahiti, modern buses and taxis are available for those who don’t have a car. A car, four-wheel drive vehicle or even a scooter can be rented in one of the numerous agencies.

In the Society Archipelago, Polynesian “trucks” (picturesque trucks with wooden passenger cabins changed into a buses) serve the different towns.

Finally, depending on the island you’re on, if you want to discover our hidden paradises you can always go out for a ride on a bike or on a horse!

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