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63% of adults explore new sexual interests when on holiday


A new survey, conducted by Radical Storage, has revealed 63% of adults holidaymakers experiment with their sexual activities when on holiday, with 84% packing a sex toy, lingerie, sexual accessory.

To understand peoples holiday sexual habits, Radical Storage surveyed 1,296 adults about their sexual interests at home and when away; learning that 63% enjoy the chance to be kinkier when away.

Some key results of the survey that I thought could be of interest are:
Getting away makes 63% of people more experimental sexually, with 12% indulging in bondage “play” when on holiday

  • 84% of people pack some form of a sex toy, clothing, or accessories when going on holiday
  • 46% of people pack lingerie or role-play clothing in their suitcases and bags
  • 87% of women and 77% ‘groom’ before a holiday
  • More than half (53%) mix up their positions on holiday, with doggy-style the most favoured on holiday
  • 77% of people masturbate when on holiday (compared to 91% at home), with a 29% increase in those reporting doing “it” more than once a day

What’s in the suitcase?
Radical Storage’s survey found that 84% of adult holidaymakers pack some form of sex toy or item in their luggage.

The common items being lingerie or role-play clothing (46%), condoms (44.7%), lube (38.9%), sex toys (34.7%), and a sex game (20.3%).

The study found that 86% of men and 82% of women pack some form of sexual item in their luggage, with 37.5% women toy compared to 32.6% men. The survey also found that half (50%) of men pack condoms in their luggage, with 39% of women packing male contraceptives.

43.5% of Under 25s take sex toys with them on holiday, the most of any age bracket. Comparatively, just 1 in 7 (13.8%) over 65s take a sex toy with them. 

Under 25’s are also some of the most likely to pack lingerie (51.1%), beaten on by those between the ages of 35 and 44 (51.5%). Additionally, unlike sex toys, more than 2 in 5 (44.8%) over 65s take some form of lingerie or role-play clothing.

Holiday grooming
4 in 5 (81.4%) adults going on holiday say they groom below the belt, with 86.7% of women and 77.2% men saying they trim, wax, laser or shave their hair. The favoured methods of grooming being shaving for women (59%) and trimming for men (59%).

93% of women aged under 25 say they groom before a holiday, the most of any demographic. In comparison, just 76.4% of men aged 18-24 groom before a holiday.

Exploring whilst on holiday
The survey found 63% of adults like to experiment when on holiday, with nearly two thirds (64.3%) of under 45s using the time away from home to explore different kinks and desires.

The data revealed that 68.9% of parents use their time away from the family home to experiment and explore their sexual desires.

Of the desires being explored, nearly 1 in 5 (17.3%) adults on holiday like to try a form of role-playing, with 15.9% looking to have sex somewhere we shouldn’t, 14.7% having rough sex, and 12.3% enjoying bondage play.

Women are 59.6% more likely to want to experiment with bondage on holiday, they are also 79.7% more likely to want to play bring sex toys into play when having sex on holiday. Meanwhile, men are 90.8% more likely to be interested in making a video than females, men are also 149.1% more likely to be interested in including a “third”.

Top sexual desires when exploring on holiday:





Have sex somewhere you shouldn't



Have rough sex

Have rough sex



Have sex somewhere you shouldn't





Use sex toys

Include a third person

Sex on the beach?
It turns out Hollywood has been lying about sex on the beach, just 8% of adults like (or world like) to have sex on the beach. In fact, according to Radical Storage’s survey is just the 4th most desired location.

The top spot for holiday sex is the hotel room itself (40.9%), followed by the shower 16.5%, and the balcony (9.9%). Meanwhile, having sex en route on a plane or train is one of the least desired locations, with just 1.6% of us citing it at the place they favour the most.

Switching positions
At home, 35% of adults surveyed say their most common sex position is missionary. However, on holiday, the top position for lovers is doggy style, with 27.8% of those asked saying it is their holiday position of choice.

The top five (5) sex positions at home versus on holiday are:


At Home

On Holiday


Missionary (35%)

Doggy-style (27.8%)


Doggy-style (24.2%)

Missionary (21.8%)


Cowgirl (12.6%)

Cowgirl (16.1%)


Reverse-cowgirl (6.6%)

Standing (9%)


69 (6.4%)

Reverse-cowgirl (8.4%)

The results showed that “Standing” as a position increases by 62.1% on holiday, with results also showing Cowgirl increase by 28%, and Reverse-cowgirl increase by 26.6%.

How often?
When at home, 82% of respondents said they had sex at least once a week, with 28.6% saying they had sex at least once a day or more. On holiday the number of people having sex increases to 87.4%, an increase of 6.6%.

However, when Radical Storage looked at the figures for people having sex daily (or more) they found there to be an 83% increase in those having sex at least once a day, with 52.4% of those asked saying they have sex once a day or more when on holiday.

The data revealed that going on holiday led to Over 55s seeing a 153.4% increase in have sex daily or more.

Flying solo
Data showed that whilst 83.5% of respondents would masturbate at home, whilst away, the number of people masturbating falls by 61.4% - a fall of 26.5%.

At home, 79.4% of women and 86.8% of men surveyed said they masturbated at least once a month, with 61.9% of women and 76.5% playing alone once a week or more.

On holiday, 54.6% of women surveyed said they would likely masturbate, while for men the figure was 66.8%. These reductions signifying a drop of 31.2% in women and 23% in men.

However, whilst the figures of people “flying solo” when away drops the frequency increases. Radical Storage’s survey found there is a 26.5% increase in people masturbating more than once a day on holiday, with the percentage of women masturbating more than once a day increasing by 33.4% and men 22%.

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