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Seven unusual winter activities to try this year


All the below enjoyable activities will definitely add extra interest to your winter excursions.

The winter period is the best time to explore the countryside, to breathe some fresh air and (why not?) To burn a few calories. The magical, snowy landscapes of Europe are the ideal places for a range of alternative winter activities. There, in addition to the usual skiing and snowboarding activities, you will have the opportunity to try some unique options that will make your trip this year a little more special. Are we going to discover them together?

1. Sled with huskies
Ride a group of huskies in wild, snowy landscapes with a dog sledge. This alternative activity is very common in Finland. An experienced person drives trained huskies, so there is no reason to worry. It's a fantastic experience that you will definitely have watched in some kind of movie or documentary. Now you have the opportunity to try it.

2. Snowshoe ride
He walked on icy plains on a snowshoe ride. Snowshoes distribute your weight over a larger area, preventing you from sinking into the snow. This incredible shoe will keep you upright on the snowy ground, allowing you to cross stunning white hills while burning a lot of calories as you walk. On snowshoe rides, you usually share the experience with a large group of people, who will guide you and provide you with safety throughout the journey.

3. Ice fishing
Calmness, silence and patience: yes, this is the triptych of ice fishing success. Caution! Do not forget to wear isothermal clothes with anything, as this activity can take hours. If regular fishing requires a lot of patience and dedication, then ice fishing will test your limits.

4. Climbing the ice
All of this may sound pretty impressive - and it is - but you have to be very careful throughout your climb. This is the most dangerous and challenging winter activity. If you are a beginner, you should definitely enrol in a beginner class and be very careful being constantly tied up. Of course, such action will reward you with an excessive amount of adrenaline and energy.

5. Accommodation in an ice hotel
We watched igloos on TV from a young age and always dreamed of staying in one for one day. The experience is unique, but the cold is bitter, as the temperatures that prevail inside are from -4 to -9 ° C. Certainly, this is an unprecedented experience, but few have the opportunity to experience it.

6. Kart on ice
It may seem like a classic kart game with the difference that it happens on the ice, but things are much more complex and dangerous. A wrong turn or abrupt braking can result in a fall or collision. Of course, we do not mention all this to discourage you but to inform you about the danger that prevails in this type of game.

7. Cycling in the snow
If you have the physical condition and the "madness", then fat biking is suitable. Be very careful with the movements, though, as a sudden movement can cause an accident.

All the above enjoyable activities will definitely add extra interest to your winter excursions. Of course, you can always go for conventional skiing or snowboarding, one of the only ski resorts in Europe. For example, you can visit a winter resort in France, a country that loves skiing, including dozens of different alternatives throughout the Alps. So if you are looking for a trip that will make a difference for this winter season, you can turn to Nuco Travel and enjoy a complete accommodation package with all the necessary additional services in a destination in the Alps of your choice. All you have to do is do the activity you choose to spend your time there!

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash


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