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7. Festivals&Events ___


This year Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark’s world famous poet and fairytale writer, could have celebrated his 200th birthday. This bicentennial will be celebrated all over the world and especially in Copenhagen, where he lived most of his grown up life. On September 6th, 1819 the fourteen-year-old Andersen arrived in Copenhagen for the very first time. Later in life he referred to this date as his ‘second birthday’. During 2005 the city of Copenhagen is celebrating the bicentennial with a number of events, which you can read about on www.visitcopenhagen.com . For further information and material on Hans Christian Andersen 2005, access www.hcandersen2005.dk. Here you can also join communities and receive the latest news on Hans Christian Andersen and the 2005 celebrations.

In recent years, Copenhagen has become renowned for being northern Europe's largest festival city. As part of the city's flourishing cultural life all-year round, numerous festivals are held every year, with themes ranging from rock and jazz to film, ballet, design and the visual arts. For example, the Night of Culture is a manifestation of Culture that includes all the major museums as well as churches, galleries, cafés, and a number of venues, which are only open to the public on this particular night. The Night of Culture offers a unique opportunity to meet Danish and international artists face to face.

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