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A cheaper way for restaurants to sell online and deliver


The best part is that these catering software not only benefit local businesses, but they can also be a major advantage for the tourism and travel industry.

Technology has taken the restaurant industry by storm. It has not only changed consumer behavior patterns but it has forced restaurant businesses to adapt to this change.

New upcoming food platforms have brought an evolution to the online ordering and delivery, allowing restaurants to maximize their revenue.

But not only that; it also acts as a cheaper alternative of selling and delivering. 

Off premise catering software have enabled restaurants and cafes to deliver food, ranging from a cappuccino to a gourmet roast, to their clients in less than 30 minutes.

They also offer a variety of features that enhance the online ordering experience for the customer, such as great online ordering user experience and showing them how long the delivery will take.

The best part is that these catering software not only benefit local businesses, but they can also be a major advantage for the tourism and travel industry.

Here are some other ways as to how restaurants can minimize costs with off premise catering software:

  • Online ordering and delivering provides the ultimate ease and convenience to a customer. According to several studies, online ordering is the cause of a major boost in revenue for food businesses in 2020, because customers these days prefer to place orders online. Restaurants don’t have to worry about the costs of having phone operators to receive phone calls, when it can all be done online on a single platform with the help of catering software. 
  • The catering software can allow for reduced delivery costs. This is because these software also have the exact location of the customers’ addresses that generate an optimized route for delivery. Restaurants no longer have to worry about wasting time and fuel costs due to inaccurate locations because it will all be done by the catering software that will maximize the delivery efficiency. In addition, some catering software are integrated to third party delivery solutions.
  • Restaurants can also benefit from tourism and travel, because they can target tourists as well with the help of a catering software with online ordering. Tourist visiting a local town may not be able to place orders via the telephone, but they will easily be able to place an order online via the website. With the help of the off premise catering software, restaurants don’t have to worry about missing out on the opportunities that tourism and travel have to bring. 
  • Software, like Flex Catering, also enables restaurants to keep an inventory of their supplies, the cost and the details of the suppliers. This is a great way for food businesses to monitor the costs, and also gives them insight if they should switch to a different supplier due to rising costs. 
  • As a restaurant business, you will be able to compete better with your competitors as you will be able to focus on enhancing the customer experience. This is because, there is an entire team that is working to troubleshoot any problems that may come up, ensuring that the ordering and delivering is a highly smooth one. They will have the expertise and tools to tackle any problems that may come up, as opposed to an in house delivery and ordering system which could take some time to solve. You will be ensuring that bad experiences are at a minimum, and in turn, so are costs. 
  • With catering software, a food business will be able to provide delivery to a large serviceable area. A white label solution will have the flexibility to customize the online ordering experience to match your business nuances and requirements. This will be done in an optimized way so you can be assured that your costs are kept low, while your revenues keep increasing through online sales. 
  • An off premise catering software will be integrated with numerous third party payment applications such as Paypal, Stripe, Square and more. This gives customers the convenience of using the payment method of their choice.
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