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A first timer’s guide to charter boating


We are going to help you out by giving the following guidelines.

In case this is your first time chartering a catamaran, then you must be nervous about taking the responsibility of the captain and looking after the boat. Don’t worry; it’s an impossible task. We are going to help you out by giving the following guidelines:

Before you pick a catamaran, you should mind the fact of how many people will join you on-board? Will there be couples in your group, and will they share the same cabin or not? What about comfort? Will you need a skipper? If you need one, then you must adjust for him to sleep on board in one of the berths.

Previous experience
In case you never sailed before, or you don’t have a sailing license, then you need a skipper to save your neck.  Even if you have some previous experience, hiring a skipper will help you. They have excellent maneuvering skills. He will make your sailing experience much more pleasant. Don’t worry, a reliable charter company like Gotland Charter can help you create an itinerary which suffices your needs. They know where to anchor, how to manage supplies, etc.

Choosing a catamaran based on your needs
You better chose a catamaran that suits you best. Find a company and fill an online form. You can also contact them and ask them what options they offer you. Be forward with them, let them know they you are booking the catamaran, so they will help you make a better decision. 

You don’t need to blow a fortune on your boating experience if you are not going to have a crowd, then you don’t need the extravagance of a big boat, a smaller one will suffice you.

Talk with the company in person
Once you forward the inquiry, a reliable charter company will get back to you shortly. They will share every bit of information you need for a successful boating experience. If you don’t know what option you should choose, don’t worry, the company will help you out here as well. They will see through your requirements and recommend a yacht that will suit you best. If needed, they will also help you with other services including a hostess, skipper, chief, or whatever you need.

Finalizing details
Once you finalize everything, you will receive an official letter that will include everything, including the price, payment terms, check-in and out procedure, VAT, etc. Once you receive this mail, you must confirm on the specs and the boat you selected. This means the boat will be reserved for you; no one else can book it within the given timeline. 

This means you still have time if you want to make any changes. So, if you have a change of heart, you better let the charter company know. Don’t expect to make any big changes at the last moment; it will ruin the experience. Plus, if you do this, the company might charge you a bit extra for ruining their preparations. So, do your research before finalizing anything! 

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