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A hidden travel gem: Reasons so many people visit Sedona


Known for its natural beauty, hot climate, and impressive accommodations, you should visit Sedona for the following reasons.

When tourists hear mention of Arizona, they’re probably thinking of the capital city Phoenix or the Grand Canyon National Park. Every state has its own hidden gems, unexplored territories, and featured spots, and Sedona, Arizona, checks off all three. Known for its natural beauty, hot climate, and impressive accommodations, you should visit Sedona for the following reasons.

Stay for the view
The drive-in from Phoenix is genuinely magnificent. As you continue to travel North, the cityscape turns into a hilly, mountainous region that marks the beginning of the formats you can find at the Grand Canyon. If you’re lucky enough to arrive at dusk, you’ll see the cliffs turn a brilliant red and orange. After that incredible display, you’ll see stars strewn across the sky. Of the large list of activities in Sedona, the view is one of the top reasons to travel to this town.

A hikers paradise
Are you fond of hiking? Sedona is the perfect place to try out your new running shoes that are specifically tailored to handle the desert sand and rugged cliffs. You’ll need to use either the Courthouse Butte Loop or the Bello Rock Pathway and Trial to reach the top of Bell Rock. The other rock, Cathedral Rock, is accessible through Baldwin, Templeton, and Cathedral Rock Trail. Cathedral Rock Trail is the most treacherous, so prepare for a real workout.

Historical sites abound
There are a bunch of small towns and ancient cliff dwellings around Sedona that are accessible by hiking, one of which is located an hour out from Phoenix called the Agua Fria National Monument. At Agua Fria, visitors can gaze at the large 71,000-acre moment with over 450 Native American structures and Pueblos. Be sure to check out Montezuma Castle, the Honanki Heritage Site, Tuzigoot National Monument, and Palatki Heritage Park near Sedona.

Off-roading in the desert
From helicopter tours to guided vortex tours, there are several unique ways to travel across the Sedona desert. If you have only one way to experience the rocky landscape of Arizona, choose the Pink Jeep Tours. The Pink Jeep Tours can pick you up in Phoenix, or they will take you on a sightseeing adventure within Sedona. With so much open space and hilly mounds, you’re guaranteed to gain a little air or shake around the passenger seat in the open-air jeep.

A curious chapel
The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a bizarre addition to the Sedona landscape, as it’s located a decent hike away from the main town. Once a functioning Roman Catholic Church, the chapel was commissioned by a local rancher in 1932 and designed by Richard Hein, an experienced architect. Tourists are allowed to go inside the chapel to see the steel framework close-up, peer out the stained glass windows, and witness that cross that holds both the Corpus and altar.

Arts & Crafts Village (Tlaquepaque)
The Tlaquepaque is the internationally renowned Arts & Crafts Village that’s almost entirely shaded by sycamore trees. Tlaquepaque is authentically fashioned to look like a traditional Mexican village and is considered a cultural landmark by its citizens. Although it was traditionally established as an arts community, the complex sells more than just ceramics and blown glass. Visitors can purchase jewelry, food, decor, clothing, and bronze statues.

Traditional Mexican food
Americans who live in the Southwest don’t consider Mexican food as anything other than local cuisine, as it’s so embedded into the culture. Arizonian comfort food is rich, spicy, and filled with fresh ingredients. Many restaurants in Sedona offer fantastic local eats, such as Tii Gavo Southwestern Restaurant, Javelina Cantina, and Tortas De Fuego. While in Tlaquepaque, visit El Rincon Mexican Restaurant for some incredible hot and spicy chimichangas. 

Photo by Kelsey Sky from Pexels

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