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Advito partners with Edgar, Dunn & Company to simplify the business travel experience


New strategic partnership allows travel managers to optimize their payment processes and enhance the traveler experience.

CHICAGO – Advito, a leading travel industry consultancy, announced a strategic partnership with Edgar, Dunn & Company, a leading independent global strategy consulting firm, to provide comprehensive, innovative payment consulting expertise for corporate travel. Advito and Edgar, Dunn & Company formalize the relationship developed through pilot work with clients to bring their travel programs to the next level by implementing customizable corporate payment solutions using the latest technology.

An integral part of the travel value chain, payments are often considered the most time consuming and inefficient component of the business trip life cycle. Through this new strategic partnership, Advito and Edgar, Dunn & Company will combine their consulting expertise to optimize the entirety of the payment process for corporate travel clients. The combined consulting offering includes an assessment of clients’ current payments situation, counseling in the latest trends and best practices, identification of the best opportunities and prioritization of solutions that will make the greatest impact for each unique travel program. The two companies also are offering expert advice regarding digital payment solutions to make managing and paying for travel easy for both business travelers and corporate travel managers.

“It’s time to evolve the corporate travel payment process to align with what our business travelers are accustomed to in their personal travel. By optimizing the payment process with efficiencies like virtual payments, we are increasing traveler satisfaction as paying for travel becomes easier, faster and more convenient. And travel managers are pleased with automatic back-end reconciliation, and the better transparency into travel payment data for more accurate reporting. This partnership will put us in a unique position to assist corporates to better manage travel payments and benefit from expert advice,” said Lesley O’Bryan, Senior Vice President at Advito.

“Through this partnership with Advito, we’re committed to driving advanced and improved corporate payment strategies for our clients. After working with some clients on recent pilot programs, we know that travel managers will quickly see the benefits in terms of cost savings, improved efficiencies and increased productivity,” according to Grégoire Toussaint, Principal in Edgar, Dunn & Company’s Paris office. “It’s a win-win solution.”

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