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AEROAFFAIRES: the private jet broker that’s taking off


Their mission is to offer the best services and allow you to rent a private jet as easily as booking a taxi.

AEROAFFAIRES: your ideal private jet rental service

AEROAFFAIRES is an on-demand private jet rental. AEROAFFAIRES is a family-owned business created in 1991.They have more than 30 years of experience in this sector, while always finding the best innovative ways for customer satisfaction. They offer best-in-class features, tailor-made and premium experience to satisfy your needs. Their mission is to offer the best services and allow you to rent a private jet as easily as booking a taxi. 

They work hard in order to offer the best prices on the market for you. Making affordable the rental of a private jet is one of our key missions. 

They also provide first-class customer service. Indeed, their team is at your disposal every day of the week, 24h/24. They also have a fleet of more than 7500 private jets at their disposal and granted access to more than 8000 airports around the world. They booked more than 30 000 trips and their services were used by more than 100 000 passengers. Moreover, one of their main strengths is their network. Indeed, they work actively with more than 850 air operators.

Their main focus is customer satisfaction, with more than 100 reviews and an average of 4.9/5 AEROAFFAIRES try to improve our services every day by listening to our clients.

AEROAFFAIRES are also attached to making this world a better place to live. This is why in 2019 they decided to have an objective to reduce our carbon footprint. They offer the possibility of carbon offsetting to our customers.

Use AEROAFFAIRES for your business travels
AEROAFFAIRES offers premium experience in business travel and has worked for more than 30 years developing the best-in-class premium experience.  

You can make unforgettable experiences for clients and employees by using our private rental jet service. You can attend international business meetings in different cities quicker, and leave a very good image to customers. You can share this premium experience with colleagues also. Indeed, it will most certainly boost team cohesion, and would be the best team building.

Using a private jet rental agency such as AEROAFFAIRES can ensure growth for your business. Indeed, this means of transport could allow you to hold business during your business trip. It will certainly leave an unforgettable experience for your customers. You could also continue working in the plane via the WiFi option, which is available in most private jets nowadays. Also, trips in private jets are way more efficient and quicker than traditional plane trips. Indeed, there is less time waiting and wasted with private jets as there are not as strict measures as public plane trips. 

Use AEROAFFAIRES for your luxury vacations
You could also use AEROAFFAIRES for your luxury vacation trips. Indeed, it is more affordable to rent a private jet than what you think. It can be ideal for your travel plans with the summer break coming along in a few months. Actually, it is cheaper than what we think to travel using private jets. Indeed, if you want to know more, you can read this article, that gives you 8 reasons on why it could be more affordable to take a private jet. 

The price will depend on several factors such as a destination, local taxes, flight duration, passenger, type of jet, etc. The best way to find out is to go on their website and use their tool to find the price of your next desired destination. It is very complete as it is tailored to your needs such as the number of people on board, destinations, type of jets, additional features ,etc. After your demand, the team of AEROAFFAIRES comes back to you in no time with the best offer possible. 

It can allow you to travel to a lot of different places quicker than the usual public planes do. If you are flexible and that you wish to visit different cities that are geographically close it can be the perfect alternative. You win a lot of time as the usual constraints of the airport don’t exist. It is also always a great moment to share with loved ones, to experience premium quality such as a flight chartered by AEROAFFAIRES.

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