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Aeromexico taps and IV.AI to build first advanced AI Customer Service Chatbot


Leading global airline delivers AI Chat Solution through Facebook Messenger based on machine learning and neural networks, achieving 96% automation for customer service by chat in first six months.

MEXICO CITY and SAN JOSE, CALIF. - As part of the Facebook F8 Conference, Aeromexico formally introduced Aerobot, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) customer service chatbot, with the help of its partners at and IV.AI, leaders in chatbot development, neural network and machine learning programming. In just six months, the bot has taken the customer service department from 0-96% automation and dramatically reduced the average customer service resolution time via chat from an average of 16 minutes to down to 2 minutes.

"Mexicans are some of the most avid users of social chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and we saw a definite gap in what was being done to ease ongoing travelers pain points," said Brian Gross, vice president of digital innovation, Aeromexico. "As part of our commitment to innovation and with the help of and IV.AI, we were able to build a truly advanced AI brain that was fed historical customer service data in all forms, in order for it to be truly smart in how it handles requests, despite possible language challenges."

Aerobot has been being quietly used by customers for the last six months, but is now about to gain full marketing support and is the first of its kind to handle any question posed in natural language (in Spanish; English coming soon) about a customer's trip or the company's service. This includes everything from checking flight status and purchasing tickets to providing recommendations on other information for their destinations and asking basic information like when to arrive at the airport. At F8, the airline is debuting its newest feature, group booking, which eliminates the need to coordinate tickets for multiple family or friends through email and phone calls.

"How many times have you missed a group trip because you couldn't reach consensus? We are thrilled that Aeromexico is launching the Chat Extension feature for Aerobot; this is a game-changer for air travel," said Stan Chudnovsky, Vice President of Product for Messenger. "This feature will allow groups to plan a trip together from within Messenger with the help of the AI customer service chatbot and split payments.", is the premier chatbot and AI platform for Latin American businesses that are looking to radically improve their customer's experience through chat. IV.AI automates customer service and builds proprietary AI 'brains' with its clients.  Companies keep their data and the AI 'brain' is designed to address specific business needs. This sets IV.AI and apart from competitors and with their combination of machine learning, neural networks and natural language, they provide AI solutions that achieve real results.

"Unlike many companies looking to jump on the AI bandwagon without the proper planning, Aeromexico knew what it was trying to achieve and was able to provide us with the data and their desired goals, allowing us to do what we do best -- help companies use AI to get real results," said Vince Lynch, CEO, IV.AI. "With the help of our partner we were able to overcome some truly challenging issues, like multiple languages, slang and turning unstructured data into something comprehensive and useful, to create and feed a truly smart and effective AI brain for Aeromexico. Now Aeromexico is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with the Aerobot."

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