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Africa’s fastest growing online travel agency tackles Turkey

South African Travelstart expands its operations in Turkey, where it will trade as Geziko.
South African online travel agency Travelstart has broadened its operations to include Turkey. With its head office in Cape Town, the business has rapidly grown to include operations in Tanzania, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria and most recently Turkey.

Travelstart will be launching in Egypt in January with plans to add more African countries in early 2013. With planned expansion throughout Africa, Travelstart is the largest and fastest growing travel group on the continent.

Travelstart was launched in South Africa in 2006 by online travel entrepreneur Stephan Ekbergh, who says “Launching in Turkey has been a huge initiative for us and one that we are very excited about. It’s our newest baby and will strengthen our position as a global travel brand!”

Ekbergh continues: “While other emerging markets have provided their own challenges for us, we look forward to being in Turkey - a country which is already rich with strong local online travel competition. However, we are confident that our own flair will differentiate us by bringing consumers simplicity and low prices with a strong focus on customer service.”

The company will trade as Geziko in Turkey – Geziko comes from the word Gezi meaning Travel/Trip/Journey – creating a local brand specifically for Turkey.

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