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Air Partner reports an increase in demand for corporate charters as businesses invest in private travel solutions


Air Partner reports a 112% uptick in corporate charter bookings in April as business travel returns and companies start to seek private air solutions.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. – Following a year of COVID-19-induced lockdowns, business travel is returning, and corporations are seeking efficient solutions that mitigate risk. Air Partner, a global leader in private aviation has worked with businesses on their essential travel needs through the pandemic and is now seeing a surge in demand from new and existing corporate clients, reporting a 112% increase in corporate bookings in April in comparison to the start of the year. 

“For corporate travel, the appeal of private charter lies in the level of control and enhanced protection it provides businesses and their employees,” said David McCown, President of America’s at Air Partner. “This is a complex travel climate between changing entry requirements, testing protocols and limited flight schedules amongst commercial carriers. Air Partner is able to manage these variables and work with companies to customize a charter solution based on their needs and ensure safe transfer of their team between destinations.”   

Air Partner has seen steady growth amongst its corporate travel bookings since the start of 2021 and anticipates this momentum will continue to grow through the second half of the year with the opening of international borders and vaccine rollout globally.

Air Partner offers specialized solutions to businesses for their travel needs including its Corporate Shuttle Program. The program provides businesses with a private charter tailored to their specific business travel needs – whether it is regular roundtrip service between two destinations, or service between multiple cities. Shuttles can be coordinated for both domestic and international travel, including routes that have limited service from commercial carriers. While picking up, the outlook and frequency of commercial routes remains uncertain, this provides an expert solution that upholds a predetermined level of standards for safety and health, and ultimately enables employees to reach their final destination a timely manner.

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