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Air taxi startup accelerates sustainability in business aviation


Mirai Flights introduces three referral programs to drive sales in support of their sustainability projects in three directions: carbon offsetting, empty leg and education. 

LONDON, UK - Mirai Flights, a UK based service for instant booking of private jets, launches a new eco-friendly program with empty-leg offering and carbon offsetting on top of its agenda and long term plans of educating their clients on sustainability. 

To date, Mirai Flights is not only investing in carbon offsetting projects, but also offers empty legs as charter flights. Empty leg or “ghost” flights are zero passenger charters with single use of destination formation. Using AI, Mirai app notifies their users immediately when the empty leg meets their destination preferences, offering the desired flight with discounts ranging from 30 to 70%. That way, it can be booked under 30 seconds, giving an otherwise useless flight a new purpose. Just last year, Mirai saved over 200 tonnes of CO2 flying empty-leg.  

In support of Mirai’s environmental ambitions, the company launched a referral program to generate capital that will be used for implementing their sustainability strategy. The loyalty or referral program includes three bonus packages: a commission return of up to 1.5% for their B2B partners, a 2,500 euros “Welcome” bonus for their new customers and a 500 euros return for “Bringing a friend” to the app. New users can take advantage of Mirai’s sustainable offering and contribute to carbon emissions savings. Mirai Flights plans to invest heavily in sustainability education, and mobilize new capital to execute other ESG plans. 

“When we launched Mirai Flights, I was very passionate about incorporating sustainable solutions from the get-go. Besides carbon offsetting projects, we also take use of empty-legs, and we are not planning to stop there. In 2022, we want our new Mirai app users to be more actively involved in offers for empty flights and fleet management optimization of connected airlines, which will help to reduce carbon emissions even further. I believe that education is crucial in making greener choices regardless of the industry, so educating clients as well as the greater public about sustainability is Mirai’s long-term goal”, says Evgeny Chuprov, ideologist of sustainability and a non-executive director of Mirai Flights.

Since launching in February 2021, the company has made over 3,8 million euros, added 24 new planes to the system and partnered with 8 companies. During the second year of operation, Mirai Flights plans to get an additional 300 customers and attract five to seven business aviation operators as an inventory in their service.

“We are proud to be disrupting the business aviation space from day one. Being a fully automated service, with its own app, immediate booking with up to 300,000 euros payment limit and a unique empty-leg offering - all of our initiatives have a global perspective and make private jets both accessible and sustainable. And we show loyalty to those who share our innovative vision by introducing these referral programs”, adds CEO and founder, Irakli Latinishvili

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