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Aldemar nomination at My Planet Travel Awards

On the occasion of the nomination of Aldemar at My Planet Travel Awards in the category “Best Health and Spa Resort”, Travel Daily News interviewed Mr Alexandros Angelopoulos, Executive Director of Aldemar Hotels. My Planet award ceremony is in September 2011 in Moscow. Eventica Communications has joined forces with My Planet to create travel awards in which Russians will choose the winners through an online vote – providing a unique snapshot of the growth of the Russian tourism market and the exciting trends of its development. My Planet is a new television channel with a different approach. As Russia’s first TV channel dedicated to travel, science and history, it documents and serves the increasingly savvy and demanding Russian traveller which has emerged in recent years. 

TravelDailyNews: As a luxury hotel chain in Greece, what do you offer to the Russian Market?

Alexandros Angelopoulos: There seems to be a general misunderstanding that Russian guests are different from any other guest. This is not the case, apart from the fact that Russians, to us, are people with whom we have cultural and historical bonds.
A luxury hotel must at all times offer quality holidays to all its guests.  Most importantly, it must always offer a genuine Greek experience based on Greek gastronomy, hospitality and tradition.  While this is all very nice to promise it is quite a challenge to offer.

TDN: Aldemar is targeting Russina market for many years now. What is your marketing plan for the country?

A.A: We were the first to open up to the eastern Countries, as we saw most of the traditional sources of Tourism shrink both in size and revenue.  The truth is that we are still capitalizing on our very early entry in these markets and on professional relations that have now become personal.  This of course would not be possible without a very extensive and quite expensive marketing plan.  It is crucial, however, that the marketing is met by the right services, offered at the Hotel.

TDN: Why a Russian tourist to come in Aldemar?

A.A: There is no single answer to that question. We try to maintain a Greek profile and remain strict to our principles that dictate quality, value for money and enjoyable holidays. Being pioneers in quite a few areas, apart from our constant investment on our existing unique selling points we have enriched our product with excellent cuisine, a comprehensive, yet very extensive, environmental plan and a unique set of services and sport facilities.

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