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Amazing career opportunities for foreign language speakers


Knowledge of more than one language benefits any resume. It can also be a great career opportunity. Check out the best jobs for that. 

Knowledge of a foreign language comes in handy almost in any industry, from finance to logistics. However, if you know more than one language perfectly, you can build a career just from that. 

There are many opportunities to assess – from an online translator position to working for a foreign intelligence agency. In partnership with experts from job aggregator Jooble, we’ve chosen the best job opportunities this skill offers.

Five great job opportunities for people who know a foreign language

1. Translator or interpreter
It is an obvious choice for any multilingual specialist. No matter how good translating software gets, it is nowhere near the human ability to interpret the context. 

Translators work with texts. Some specialize in a particular field like legal papers, medical documentation, or works of fiction. It is a very flexible job as it can be done from home, remotely, or online. And it is a pretty well-paid career as well. Of course, to become a high-level professional, one might need to focus on one particular niche. As every type of translation has its rules and specifics. 

Interpreters do live translations between two or more parties. For example, at a business meeting, conference, court hearing, etc. Any public event or private event that attracts people of different languages. It is a pretty challenging and responsible job as there is little to no room for mistakes or corrections. But it is also very well-paid for. 

2. Teacher 
The following top choice for multilingual professionals is to teach others. One can work as an ESL teacher, be employed at a governmental or private facility (school or college), or work individually as a private tutor. 

This job can also be done online, although educators usually prefer face-to-face cooperation. One will need to know at least two languages and be aware of common teaching methods and techniques. 

3. Sales representative
If you are confident in your communication and persuasion skills, becoming a sales representative can be the right choice. Such positions are offered by international or global companies that have lots of clients or partners all over the world. Naturally, they need someone to be able to effectively speak to them. 

Another benefit of a career in sales is that you can often apply to entry-level positions without experience. There are many professional growth prospects available. One can also shift to product or service localization projects or even be in charge of the company’s branch in another country. 

4. Flight attendant 
Excited not only about languages but also about travel? Then, this option is for you. As a part of the flight crew, you’ll have to be able to communicate with customers in different languages. It is also necessary to make bilingual announcements and give instructions in both languages. 

It is an excellent opportunity to travel the world as well. The only downside is that you’ll have to get proper training before you start working. 

Photo by Lukas Souza on Unsplash

5. Foreign correspondent
Those who have always wanted to work in journalism can use their foreign language knowledge as well. Foreign correspondents do not only get to work on stories from various parts of the world but also travel for a living. 

You can work individually or be a reporter for a particular newspaper/magazine. You’ll get to work with locals and explore the new culture. And journalism is an important job where one can truly make a positive change in a community. 

In summary 
Learning a foreign language opens a lot of doors to professionals. It ensures the ability to work for international companies, travel the world for a living, and get more exciting job opportunities.



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