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Amazing scrabble hacks that will help you win every game


Here are a few universal hacks that you can apply to any kind of scrabble match.

Some people think that just having a huge vocabulary will be enough to win at scrabble. While knowing more words certainly does help, it's foolhardy to sideline the fact that scrabble also requires a good understanding of the game to develop a strong strategy. The fact that some players have an excellent strategy is the main reason why they win, even though they don't know half as many words as their opponent.

When playing scrabble, the type of English you use also makes a difference. For instance, you could spell it as 'colorful' or it could be 'colorful'. There are also a few other differences in-game rules depending on which particular kind of board you are using. However, to counter these problems scrabble has also got its own official dictionary. If you really want to master the game, it would be helpful to learn words directly from the official dictionary. Here are a few universal hacks that you can apply to any kind of scrabble match.  

Vowel-less words
There are going to be times during a game of scrabble when you have no vowels on deck. You might think that it's the end of the game, but if you know the right words, it is not that hard to get out of such a situation. There are quite a few words without vowels and they are allowed in scrabble. A lot of the common words that come to mind are actually just sounded such as ‘brrr’ but these are permitted in the official dictionary. This is one big reason why learning words from the official dictionary can really be advantageous because you will come across things that you won't find in standard English dictionaries.

Power of S
When playing scrabble you have the option to make words of varying lengths. Sometimes, you need to increase the length of a word by just one letter. Rather than having to go through your entire vocabulary to find a word that uses the same letters but uses one additional letter, it can be a lot easier to just add an S and make it plural. If you need a tricher au scrabble langue au chat then understand how you can use the letter S to extend words, and stay open to words in different forms such as past tense or future tense. This will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to getting words that meet the length requirement in tight situations. Whenever you get an S tile make sure you set it aside to use at a more critical opportunity. This is a great way to earn additional points for yourself and from your opponent.

Longer words
A lot of people think that having a strong vocabulary means that you know the longest, most complex, and most rarely used words in the English language. While this might certainly account for a difficult vocabulary, in the game of scrabble this won't ensure that you will win a game. On the contrary, when it comes to the end of the game, you need short words if you are running out of space. Moreover, you can get even more points by using one letter than can be used in two words. This is most easily done with short 2 or 3-letter words. It won't hurt to know longer words, but remember these will only help at the start of the match when you have space. Later on, you will need shorter words and you will need to know multiple words that can be built from the same tiles.

Middle tiles
When starting off a game you need to get in a good word to make sure you are reaching some good high-value tiles. Ideally, you should be starting off with a word at least 4 or 5 letters in length and something that will comfortably accommodate your center tile. The better you can address that center star tile the easier it will be to reach the other bonus squares on the board. Also, when starting the game, a lot of people make the mistake of starting off with a vertical word. While this can be effective against certain opponents, the best strategy is to start off horizontally and expand as far as you can. This way you will gain as many bonus tiles as possible and you will reduce the number of bonus tiles that your opponent can access. If you can, try to create a plus sign with your first couple of words so you are occupying both vertical and horizontal spaces on the board.

Less common letters
One of the biggest problems players have is that they get their space filled up with letter tiles that they cant use. Most commonly this includes X, J, and Z. At the same time, these happen to be the highest scoring tiles in the game. In the regular day-to-day speech, we don't use a lot of words that use these letters so players struggle to get maximum points from these letters in a match. There are hundreds if not thousands of words that use these letters at least once, and knowing just a few of these words can help you make the most of these situations.

Words with Q but without U
Another very high-scoring tile in scrabble is the letter Q. Players also face a big problem with this tile because again, most of the common words that we use that have Q in them usually also have a U in them. In the game, if you don't have a U to go along with the Q, you are a sitting duck. There are plenty of small and long words that use Q without the U. These words can be a game-changer in tough situations.

Photo by Freysteinn G. Jonsson on Unsplash

Scrabble is just as much about strategy as it is about knowledge of the English language. Also, the more you play with an opponent, the better you are able to understand the kinds of tactics that they will use. Similarly, you also need to learn how to handle the game at different stages and how to maximize points with the tiles that you have available. The only way to get great at scrabble is to practice and to work on learning the words that are not commonly used in speech, but that which are very useful for scrabble.

Main photo by Piotr Łaskawski on Unsplash

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