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An expat’s guide to British passport renewal


Are you planning to renew or apply for a UK passport, while in Thailand? Take the help of an accredited visa company.

As we already know, expats are people who move to countries other than their birthplace, to seek a better future or for professional reason. Often these people have to face issues regarding their expired passport and visa applications or some other complications. 

Apart from countries like Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and Germany, Thailand is gaining popularity in becoming one of the top countries for expats to live in. Thailand offers quite a few outstanding advantages for its foreign residents. 

Getting jobs in Thailand is made easy as soon as you get the work permit. Foreigners can apply for jobs that are well paid too. Volunteer and charity workers in Thailand require a work permit as well. You can do any decent job, as long as it doesn’t violate their law. 

Applying for a Permanent Resident (PR) has its advantages. You don’t have to apply to extend your visa. You can also apply for PR for your non-Thai family. 

Renewal of UK passport in Thailand
When it comes to renewing your British visa or passport in Thailand, it’s not much of a hassle. There are ways you can do it via online platforms, or visit an office where they professionally work on these matters. There are some steps you need to follow for the process itself. 

  • You will need two recent passport size photos. They’re very strict about your recent picture on the renewal application. There are shops where they’ll take great photos for you to go with your application. 
  • Don’t forget to take your old passport along with you, as it is very important for verification to proceed further with the process.
  • A colored photocopy of every page of your passport is needed. This is extremely important, as they check this thoroughly. You can do this from any place, locally.
  • You have to submit copies of your identity and residence address; you can simply use your passport or driver’s license as evidence. 

These are a few basic ways of how to renew your British passport in Thailand

Services provided by an accredited Visa company
You don’t need to worry much when it comes to leaving all the complicated and lengthy work up to the professionals. There are such companies who will do all the hard work, on behalf of you. No matter which part of Thailand you are living in. 

British passport holders can be tension free while these companies were trusted with your work. They are reasonable about service charges and work with 100% authenticity. Living and traveling are made easier in Thailand, thanks to these agencies. 

The services provided by these agencies are quite astounding. Here are some services they usually provide: 

Child passport application
If you have a child or a newborn, for whom you are planning to apply for a Thai visa, they have services for that. 

Submit and collect passport
These companies will usually submit your passport, on your behalf to Bangkok. Recollect them when the work is done. 

Fill the application form
They will be in charge of completing your application form, with all the necessary information ensuring accuracy with all details and information required. 

Provide documents with English translation
Any important documents required by you will be provided. The Thai documents will be translated into English for your convenience, and this service will be free of cost. 

Inclusive packages
They also offer all-inclusive fee packages. It also includes the passport too. 

For British passports, providing two passport size photos is essential as per requirements. 

How long does it take to renew UK passport? 
Now, renewal of passport and applying for PR or extending a stay can always take some time. Luckily, British passport holders get their renewed passports within a 3 weeks time period. 

However, it may take a little longer than 3 weeks if the UK Passport Office asks for more information and documents. They can also reject your passport photos. 

Ways to apply
If you’re planning to apply online, step you can follow are:

  • Download the application. Follow reliable guidelines to fill-up the form. 
  • 2 copies of your photos should be included. Follow the rules on taking the perfect picture for these applications.
  • Submit all the required documents for the visa. Keep in mind, these shouldn’t be in English.

If you’re planning to apply in person:

  • Photo ID is a must when you go in person to submit your application.
  • All of the required documents are needed. It must be a color photocopy. 
  • Your original documents will be returned to you, so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • Must take the current passport, with a color photocopy of every page. 
  • Keep in mind, you can’t travel with the current passport if you already applied for a new one. However, you can keep it for ID purposes. 

Some information to keep in mind

  • You can renew your passport while staying in Thailand. 
  • If your child is 11 or under, you’d need someone to sign the form and the photos. 
  • You can renew your passport at any time, which will be up to a maximum of 9 months.
  • You can’t apply for the passport if you’re not in Thailand. 
  • You have to submit evidence of your current address, driver’s license, bills, bank statements, etc. 

Passport renewal process made easier
The processes that include the renewal of passport and visas have become a lot easier than before. Not to mention, cost-efficient too. Living and settling in Thailand has its own privileges. Along with the fact that expats living there can do decent jobs, and once you get the PR, you don’t have to renew it ever again. 

You can apply for a renewal of your passport according to your comfort and availability. You’ve got options to make the whole procedure easy, but that doesn’t mean you end up doing something their law doesn’t support. 

Would you like to apply for being an expat in Thailand? 

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