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APH.com compares familiar baby products avalable abroad


Parents who need to purchase milk powder while abroad may find that some familiar brands are not always available internationally. However, although the names of popular brands may vary country by country, the formula and packaging remains the same.

To help savvy young families plan ahead and pack accordingly for their next holiday, the award-winning airport parking operator and retailer Airport Parking & Hotels (APH.com) has compared baby products available in 10 popular family holiday destinations, including France, Spain and the USA.  

The research compares the availability of well-known baby milk powder formula such as Aptamil and SMA; nappy brands such as Pampers and Huggies; and sterilising fluid products.

However, although the names of popular brands may vary country by country, the formula and packaging remains the same. For example, one of the most highly regarded UK baby milk powder brands, Aptamil, is available in eight of the 10 family holiday destinations researched, but in Majorca, wider Spain and France it is known as Milupa. Aptamil cannot be purchased in Mexico or USA and it should also be noted that the term ‘baby milk powder’ is not used in the States; Americans refer to this as ‘formula’. Alternative brands available in the USA include Similac, Gerber and Enfamil, which is also popular in Mexico and France. Cow & Gate formula can be bought in half of the family holiday destinations researched, including Dubai, but is branded as Nutrilon in Portugal; Mellin in Italy; and Almiron in Spain. Surprisingly SMA can be purchased in just four of the destinations looked at but is called S-26 Gold in Portugal and Nutriben in Majorca. Travellers flying to France, Spain and Majorca should note that milk powder can contain different ingredients to the powders sold in the UK – despite being produced by the same parent company – so it may be preferable to pack powder from home if a baby is used to a specific taste of milk.

Nappies are widely available for purchase in all 10 of the destinations researched but families should remember to pack their own nappy bags when travelling to Majorca, Cyprus and Turkey as these are not used in these destinations. Pampers and Huggies nappy brands can be found in all destinations researched but families wishing to buy Pampers should note the brand is sold under the brand name of ‘Dodot’ in Spain and ‘Prima’ in Turkey. Other options for nappies include Santia Bambi in Dubai and Aldi’s Mamia range in France, which is also available to buy at Aldi stores in the UK.

For sterilising baby products while abroad, families should note that sterilising fluids and devices are not available to buy in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Portugal and Turkey, so it is recommended families pack their own sterilisation equipment. Dubai was found to be the only destination for families where Milton sterilising products can be purchased and while families holidaying in Spain and Cyprus won’t be able to purchase Milton products, they will find own brand sterilising tablets available in supermarkets. Similarly, parents travelling to France won’t be able to purchase sterilisation tablets but will be able to purchase bottle sterilising devices and microwave sterilising brands. It is advised that parents travelling to any destination abroad contact the closest pharmacy to their accommodation to inquiry into their supply of sterilisation products before travelling.

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