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Astypalaia is a perfect destination for summer holidays


Here is why you should consider renting a home on the Island for the summer for you and your family and making Astypalaia a perfect destination for the summer holiday.

It's everyone's dream to spend their holidays on an Island that offers the perfect ocean view and provides the best experience. Hiring a home in Astypalaia , you can enjoy various beaches, hiking from multiple terrains, and mouth-watering homemade food with your family.

Astypalaia is a fantastic Island that looks like a butterfly on the map. There are more activities to do here which will make you want more and more. But before we get into the fun part, here is everything you need to know about this Island. Here is why you should consider renting a home on the Island for the summer for you and your family and making Astypalaia a perfect destination for the summer holiday.

A Stroll in Chora
In the summer afternoon, you may take a walk through the streets and end up at the eight traditional windmills right in the square of Chora. During the summer, they host painting exhibitions that you will likely enjoy, and find some lovely cafés and restaurants that prepare sea cuisine.

Castle of Querini Stampalia
Before the sunset, you can take a walk and visit the Querini Stamalia Castle, constructed from 1207 to 1413 by the Giovanni family. The Castle is situated on Chora's highest point. It was meant to protect the locals against the pirates, which allowed the local population to reach 4,000 inhabitants.

The construction contains two towers of churches: Agios Georgios and Panagia tou Kastrou. The two towers show Astypalaia from above, making it one of the best places to view the sunset during the Golden hour. At the same time, you can admire the endless blue ocean from that point.

Beautiful Ocean Beaches
Several beaches surround this beautiful Island, such as Agios Konstantinos, Vatsses, and Batses. The beaches are accessible by dirt road by car or boat. Others like Pera Gialos is a walking distance from your rented Primrose Apartments. Here is a list of beaches that you should visit during your stay.

Agios Konstantinos Beach
This beach is located near Chora. Although to access it, you must use a dirt road which is not easy. The view will be rewarding. The complimentary beach has nice pebbles and bars where you can relax.

Vatses Beach
It is an easily accessible beach by road or water. It has crystal-clear water where can you can go swimming. There are pebbles which makes it more exciting to have a dip in. There are also several beach bars for your entertainment.

Steno Beach
Steno means the narrow part of the Island. The Steno beach is located in the eastern part of the Island and is the one that gives the Island the butterfly shape. There is a small Steno beach and the large Steno beach. 

The small Steno beach is less organized while the Large one is more organized with easy access by road from asphalt road. It also has cafes, minimarkets, and beach bars.

Golden Sand Beach
The Golden sandy beach is accessible by the main road. It is a free beach with clear crystal water where you can swim. The place has its fair share of enjoyable sunlight, and you must carry an umbrella.

Visit the Red Cliff
For experienced swimmers, there is no better place to visit than the Red Cliff. Though recently discovered, the area offers an enjoyable experience and can be accessed by hiking or boat. As the name suggests, the cliffs reflect some slight red light inside the cave.

Nothing tastes better, like the local food found in Chora. You can have various dishes such as fried dough pouches with cheese, stuffed lamb, and local dishes based on lentils. Despite the tasty food, there are lots of seafood and sea dishes that you might also like.

There are other places where you might also enjoy freshly made chocolate tea to start your day. And some little bit of honey while enjoying your yellow cookies created by traditional specialities from the Island. Numerous hotels in Astypalaia offer various meals, such as Australian delicacies and Chinese-made meals.

Where to rent
Primrose Apartments is the best place to rent during your summer stay at Astypalaia. The two independent apartments can accommodate up to three people. The apartment seats 40 square meters ground and has all the necessary appliances.

The beds are made and decorated by braided nautical knots rope and supported by boat bollards. The bathroom contains all personal hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shaving cream, body cream, shower gel, razor, and slippers.

There is a luxurious space and a hydromassage column at your disposal. The structure contains a stone sink and a traditional cement mortar. The apartment also has Wi-Fi, flat -screen Tv, a hairdryer, and a washing machine.

Other appliances include cookers, fully stalked refrigerators, coffee makers, a toaster, oven with hods, among many others. Contact us for more.

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