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AvantStay’s premier next generation hospitality platform launches full-service brokerage division


Company offers the first completely hands-off approach for buyers looking to acquire a short-term rental property.


LOS ANGELES, CA – AvantStay, the premier next-generation hospitality platform redefining the way in which people travel, transact and invest in the STR (Short-Term Rental) industry continues to disrupt the space by announcing the recent launch of its in-house brokerage division. The offering was a natural segue for the hospitality brand as many of AvantStay’s existing clients and homeowners were requesting to buy income producing homes with AvantStay handling the sourcing, onboarding, design, property management and guest experience all under one platform. By bundling sourcing, buying and managing, AvantStay is creating retail and institutional investors access to the highest yielding asset class in real estate today.

We launched our brokerage with a vertically integrated approach to investment at the forefront of our thesis,” said Sean Breuner, CEO and Founder of AvantStay. “The AvantStay platform powers a premium buying experience to investors looking for high-yield returns in the booming STR asset class. Our data and tech suite enables us to source and underwrite high performing destination homes and work with our network of agents to acquire a unique AvantStay property. Our team will then design, onboard, distribute and manage with a completely hands-off approach for the owner. We do all the work for you so that it is a seamless buying and investment experience that delivers outsized returns for your investment portfolio.”

The brokerage division allows for AvantStay to:

  • Identify potential high-performing assets based on buyer specifications
  • Underwrite the property’s performance, delivering a detailed revenue projection on the home
  • An in-house, award-winning design team (Marriott's best designed homes) will onboard the home to both be aesthetically and functionally optimized for short-term rental use
  • Procurement & installation team will leverage its national supplier to source & buy high-quality furniture with steep enterprise discounts
  • Manage any value-add construction with its deep partnership network
  • Fully manage homes through AvantStay’s online platform – leveraging the AvantStay’s proprietary direct booking platform augmented by a best-in-industry distribution network with over 50+ channels to drive premium returns

AvantStay also provides a full suite of property management services offering flexible programs to meet owners’ long-term financial goals, maximize rental income and invest in furniture, design and capital improvements that increases the equity of the home.

I recently purchased an income producing property with AvantStay and I’m already in talks with the team about a third,” said Steve Roger, a buyer that worked with AvantStay on acquiring a STR property in Indio, California. “The team has created such a seamless service, walking me through everything from finding the deal, to running the investment returns, to closing on the home. The moment the deal closed they had a team in place to make upgrades, allowing me to take a backseat and trust their process. Then the cash just starts rolling in.”

In addition to AvantStay’s brokerage launch, the company is looking to work with top real estate agents across destination markets. If you’re an active agent in a destination market, join their agent network at avantstay.com/agents to become a part of their national referral program.

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