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BCD Travel introduces BCD Alert to meet rising demand for 24/7 traveler security


BCD Alert mobile app developed for travel and security managers facilitates round-the-clock risk management and response.


UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS – In response to the heightened focus on traveler risk as global travel volumes increase, BCD Travel introduced BCD Alert to its suite of traveler security solutions. The mobile app, developed specifically for travel and security managers, provides 24/7 coverage of active travelers against destination risk and incidents, allowing managers to monitor and respond remotely.

BCD Alert tracks caution, warning and emergency level alerts against traveler bookings. The app delivers emergency level alerts via push notification to the home screen of the mobile device, prompting a list of impacted travelers. Travel and security managers can contact affected travelers directly from the app via SMS, email or click-to-call. Clients who have enabled emergency response capabilities in the TripSource traveler app have the added value of seeing who has checked-in as safe so they can focus on the remaining travelers.

BCD Alert is an example of our overarching strategy to push targeted insights and intelligence to travel managers based on specific thresholds and criteria,” says Woody Tatum, VP of Travel Data and Insights. “Proactive data alerts delivered in real-time, whether that’s a security incident, supplier share threshold or spending limit, serve as a virtual tap on the shoulder to take action.”

The app is the newest addition to BCD Travel’s robust suite of traveler security solutions, which includes the COVID-19 Information Hub, DecisionSource security map and risk reports, TripSource risk alerts and check-in capabilities, and the consultative Traveler Security Program Assessment.

BCD Alert is globally available to BCD clients with a DecisionSource login via the App Store and Google Play.

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