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Be a part of the famous Brooklyn neighborhood


There are many areas around the neighborhood that adds to the cultural side of the area. So let us discover which places one can visit while in Brooklyn are.

Brooklyn, one of the most popular neighborhoods of New York City, has attracted tourists all over the globe. So when you are planning for a trip to this city your travel visit list should have the Brooklyn visit on the priority list. There are many areas around the neighborhood that adds to the cultural side of the area. So let us discover which places one can visit while in Brooklyn are. 

Places to visit in Brooklyn
Brooklyn with its heritage and culture makes everyone visit fall in love with the amazing sights and the historic buildings and neighborhoods. If you are worried about the expenses while looking for rooms for rent in Brooklyn, just be rest assured as all the hotels and lodges are quite affordable, with variant prices according to the needs of the customer. Let us now know about a few of the famous places to be visited while here.

The famous Brooklyn Bridge Park
Situated beside the East River this huge park is a famous tourist attraction for people all around the globe. It is also a favorite picnic spot for the locals around the area, with lawns with piers around. The restored carousel of 1920s is another exciting feature of the park. The view of the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge from the park is breathtaking with the Statue of Liberty adorning the river. It also has other amenities like a seasonal ferry for the Governor’s Island, and a small beach.

The Brooklyn Bridge
One of the famous tourist attractions is the Brooklyn Bridge with a strong heritage for the last 138 years. It brings life to the Manhattan area. People generally take the leisure to biking or driving on the bridge. It connects the Brooklyn Heights area to lower Manhattan, and is known to be the second-longest suspension bridge in the world. It is said to be built across twenty-four years bringing the heritage to a higher level. The early morning and the late-night views are amazing of the city's panoramic view from the bridge.

The Museum οf Brooklyn 
While visiting the famous museum where you can get affordable rooms for rent in Brooklyn are from where all the destinations would be accessible. All the famous names in the art world you name it and you find their masterpieces, starting from Rothko, Monet, Cézanne, and Bierstadt, and so on. Artifacts and historic pieces around the globe like the Japanese, American, European, African, and Oceanic art forms, the famous Egyptian antics all adorn the huge galleries of the museum. The 5lakhs 60 thousand square feet area holds around 1.5 Million art and historic works from around the globe.

The exciting Coney Island
Situated at the Southern tip of Brooklyn this famous summer destination beach holds most of the biggest carnivals with exciting rides and food to die for. Two of the famous local food joints namely the Nathans and the Totonno’s make the crowd go crazy with their various delectable items at affordable and cheap pricing. You can even take a peaceful stroll on the beach and if you are lucky to visit during the season then you can enjoy the Mermaid parade on the beach. 

The MCU Park
This playground is situated between the Boardwalk and Coney Island’s Stillwell Avenue Station. It is also the playing home ground for the Brooklyn Cyclones, which is the short season Met’s affiliate, playing for ages and is a star attraction of the place. The other programs arranged are the Seinfeld night which is a tribute program, a kids eat free Monday and the Everyone Runs The bases. If you are visiting the Coney Islands make it a point to visit this park too.

The Brooklyn Flea Market
One of the famous flea markets in the world, which adorns the Williamsburg hotel’s second-level patio holds all the antiques of furniture, clothing, food, jewelry, and other items. On Sunday’s this flea market is based under the Brooklyn Bridge, and not only the locals but even the tourists make it a point to visit the market if they are in Brooklyn. 

Now you have to just plan a trip to Brooklyn and enjoy the neighborhood to the fullest with the itinerary already being set with the above-mentioned hotspots to be visited.

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