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Best places to have a staycation in Rome


After all, what can replace trying out new things, meeting new people, etc.

As society begins to rebuild itself after the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the general mood is that of cautious optimism and subtle festivity. If you need a break from the drudgery of life but are unsure of visiting places due to fear of contracting the virus, have no worries. 

The quarantine period gave people the time to pursue various hobbies, such as picking up a language, playing at casino online, learning new recipes, etc. However, social isolation has not been easy. Online forms of communication can never be the perfect solution to meeting people and experiencing new things physically.  After all, what can replace trying out new things, meeting new people, etc.?

If you need to shake things up and pick your life up before the pandemic, then a trip is a perfect way! A vacation is an ideal way to take a clean break from all the stress and anxiety that plagues our lives at every turn. However, if you are concerned about visiting crowded places, then a staycation is the answer to all your troubles. 

staycation is when you go somewhere for a vacation, but you choose to stay in your hotel for the whole trip. You can participate in your hotel’s activities for guests and treat yourself to endless cuisines. The options are limitless!

Top four luxurious hotels perfect for your next staycation

If Italy has been on your bucket list of places you want to visit, why not drop in Rome for your staycation? Here are the top 4 hotels you can stay in for your Roman holiday!

Hotel Vilòn
Hotel Vilòn is an urban traveller’s dream in Rome. You can find the top-tier exclusive hotel in the Palazzo Borghese. For the staff, no request is too small or impossible. From massive balconies hanging over the private Borghese gardens to luxurious Turkish baths, you can realise every dream you want. Go for a tasting menu at the famous Adelaide restaurant. Chef Gabriele Muro offers the delicacies Island of Procida to guests with avant-garde tastes.

Rome Cavalieri
The Rome Cavalieri is a superbly posh retreat from the complexities of life. Located at the top of Monte Mario, you can sit back and have some champagne as you enjoy this Mediterranean oasis in the very heart of Rome. Treat yourself to the best of Italian cuisine atop the mountain with fresh air and happiness abound.

Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese
Are you looking for a place to give you an unimpeded, 180-degree panorama of Rome? The Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese will make your dreams come true by offering such a view of the city from Settimo. The epitome of supreme luxury, receive an added touch of Hermès toiletries in your bathroom and a tasting menu curated by chef Giuseppe d’Alessio.

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi
The Hotel Palazzo Manfredi is a five-star luxury hotel well-known for its refinement. Five minutes away from the Roman beauty, the Colosseum, the hotel is also known for its Michelin-star rooftop restaurant, the Aroma, headed by master chef Giuseppe Iorio. Live out your perfect Insta vacation dreams now!

Is a staycation right for you
A staycation is a way to break away from the monotony of life. It is a chance for a person to be pampered, relax and recover. Take this opportunity at least once every six months or so to become refreshed and be the best version of yourself. Remember to try out new experiences now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing off. Buon viaggio!

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