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Best ways to meet people when travelling alone


There are many varieties of social interaction when it comes to travelling, because it might mean hanging out with locals or exchanging stories and tips with fellow travellers.

At first, you might do a double-take when reading that title because it would seem that travelling alone means you don’t want to meet anyone else. But as many people can attest, after a few days of travelling solo, being a bit social might just be the best thing for you (even if you are in the middle of a weeks-long camping trip).

Of course, there are many varieties of social interaction when it comes to travelling, because it might mean hanging out with locals or exchanging stories and tips with fellow travellers. Either way, there’s no doubt it can be a rewarding experience, so read on to find out the best ways to chat it up quickly.

Learn the language
Now, this obviously doesn’t mean speaking the native tongue as well as someone who has spoken it all their life, but knowing a bit more than just ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘sorry’ can go a long way. It will show that you are making an effort, and you might just end up meeting someone who speaks a bit of English as well, so you can connect even better.

When travelling alone in a country where you only know a handful of phrases you can feel doubly alone because even if you’re in a massive city, there is an obvious communication gap. While it can be a bit of a thrill at first, trying to decipher street signs and transportation information, not being able to say more than hello can really start to weigh on you.

If you are in the middle of a world tour (and congratulations if you are, since you’ve either saved up, won the lottery, or was straight, gay or trans sugar baby for a while), it might be weeks before you have a substantial conversation with someone else, so being able to get some choice phrases in a popular language down can make a huge difference.

Seriously consider some party time
Maybe at home, you are a buttoned-down, asleep-at-ten sort of person. Maybe even when you travel you meticulously plan everything from departure to arrival back on your doorstep. That’s fine, but if you do want to meet people who are eager to have fun and meet strangers like you, then you might just have to go to a bar to a club and have some drinks instead of spending the evening in your hotel room alone!

One of the best things about travelling is leaving all your routines behind and almost becoming a different person while on vacation.

Certainly, many people already do that, so if you’re headed to an already popular tourist destination, it will be easy to chat it up with people from all over the world, with the same attitude as you. A great thing about meeting a fellow traveler is that you already have the ultimate icebreaker conservation ready to go: more travel talk! It might not be that easy in a club if the music is blaring, but dance the night away first and then chat outside afterwards and maybe grab a nightcap somewhere.

At the same time, it’s easy to meet up with people for all sorts of fun the same way you could back at home, thanks to the magic of the internet, so you can always try a dating hook up app or squirt gay site to meet up with new people. Whatever works for you at home can work in a whole new way if you’re in a completely different city.

Pursue your interests
Just like meeting people back at home, if you are a fan of music, hang out at vinyl record stores or go to a concert while on vacation. If you’re a sports nut, buy a ticket to see a game at a stadium or field near your hotel, even if you’re not a huge fan of that particular sport.

First off, it can be an exciting thing to do all by itself, since the music or sport might be one you’re not familiar with. It’s also great for socializing because no matter who you end up standing or sitting beside, it’s a good icebreaker to comment on what’s happening right in front of you (another reason why helps to learn a bit of the language).

This becomes even easier if your destination revolves around one particular activity, like skiing or historical landmarks. Why you travel can be just as important for socializing as where you travel.

Try a package tour
Yes, it is well known that the professed independent traveller has a natural suspicion towards all package tours. It is hard to shake the idea of being herded around like sheep to see a museum for an hour and then off to the next location after spending time in traffic inside a bus. However don’t be deceived, there is plenty of Group Fun to be had if you plan properly.

You’ll find that many package tours offer flexibility, and because its very nature is many people travelling together, you are bound to meet plenty of them. Some tours even allow you to pick up and drop off the itinerary at different points, so even if there are people you aren’t getting along with, you have an easy out.

If you think they’re all too quaint, then you’re mistaken yet again, because there are some
wild package tours out there to try. One of the other rules about travel is to always plan ahead, and a bit of research can show you just how strange some of these organized excursions can be.

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