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Best winter running gears


Here are some of the best winter running gear for you.

As a runner, the winter season is usually the worst time to go out and enjoy your run.  This is because of the cold and the snow that fills up the road, making it very hard to run for many miles.  Though this time is also the best time to keep in shape, you can lose a lot of weight during this time.  

When you decide to run during this time, make sure you have the appropriate gear to avoid illnesses.  You also want to have the right equipment so that the wind doesn't blow you off, and you find yourself falling a couple of times and hurting yourself. The best things to put on are silk contraction material, intelligence, new fibre equipment, thick fleeces and sweat-wicking clothes. Some of these clothes are great since they have visibility and reflective elements to help you see when it's dark outside. 

Here are some of the best winter running gear for you;

1. Thermal accelerate compression tights
These tights are very amazing and comfortable, they keep your legs warm during your run, and you will not feel cold at any point, only when you remove them. The compression found in these leggings assist with muscle soreness and fatigue, which are things that hinder you from enjoying your run. 

2. Gore wear Opti headband
Some headbands are very disappointing because they lose their stretch too fast and are too extended though this is not the case with Opti. This headband stays in place for an extended period and makes sure your ears are warm. The Opti also provides the proper head pressure and doesn't cause headaches or irritation. 

3. Merino sport-fleece training glove 
The Smartwool merino glove is excellent for you mainly during the chilly fall, and early winter runs though when the weather gets terrible, you should opt for a heavier and warmer glove instead. These gloves come in five different sizes and have warm wool inside them that keeps your hands warm and prevents them from getting too numb. It is also windproof at the back, protecting your hands and fingers from the wind. 

4. Brooks spartan pants 
If you don't like leggings or you feel uncomfortable wearing them, then the brooks spartan pants are for you; they will keep warm as you run, and they are also not very heavy. They are pretty comfortable. When you find yourself in a hurry and confused, and you wear your shoes before your pants, you don't have to remove your shoes so that you can put on these pants. The pants have a zip at the bottom, and you can put them on even when you have shoes on. 

The winter season is very delicate since it's freezing and all people want is to stay warm while at home drinking coffee. But if you have the energy to go out for a run, make sure you are warm so that you don't get sick, and that is why we have given you options to choose from up there.

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

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