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Boat rentals in Miami: A new type of sea travel


Boat rental in Miami is a great option for a holiday, with it being ideal for getting around and plenty of sites to see.

With endless beaches, marinas, and watersports, it would be a shame to visit Miami without a boat. With “PortMiami” and plenty of boat owners around, there’s no shortage of boats that are waiting to be rented out. Boat rental in Miami can be done for a week, day, or just a few hours, making it a flexible alternative for those that are restricted from overseas vacations due to COVID-19.

There are over 4,000 islands in the state of Florida, all of which become much more accessible on a boat. Hopping around discovering secret islands can quickly become an addictive hobby, and of course the relaxing journeys in-between them.

Here are a few places to discover if you do decide on a boat rental in Miami Beach

Quite, serene beaches
If you’re looking to escape some of the busier Miami beaches, sailing out to Oceanfront Park in Boynton Beach is a great choice. The long stretch of white sand has a few shade spots and very few visitors. 

Heading towards Key West, Bahia Honda is a beautiful option. Here you will find the historic abandoned bridge juxtapositioned with a great surf spot. There are some great local seafood restaurants and can be ideal for snorkeling when anchoring up.

Finally, Cayo Costa State Park is another unspoiled, tranquil beach that’s under an hour boat journey from Miami. The 9-mile stretch of beach is untouched from commercialization and is the perfect place to pitch up a tent and camp.

In reality, there are endless beaches in Miami, and it’s certainly worth considering a more directionless and spontaneous approach to visiting different islands.

Water park
There are a plethora of water parks in Miami, which can be a great addition to the itinerary for a family holiday. Tidal Cove in particular is worth mention, being both fairly new and very large. It’s actually free to use for guests of the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, or open to the public for a fee. Beyond the endless rides and surf simulator, there are cabanas and bars to drink cocktails in.

Museums & gardens
Miami isn’t all beaches and boats, there is some history and nature to visit too! The Vizcaya Museum is a historical estate from the early 20th century, with its landscape influenced by Tuscan Italian Renaissance models. Being open to the public, this is a great visit. The venue has been the setting for many films, such as Iron Man 3 and Bad Boys II.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is also a great visit for nature lovers, being an 83-acre botanic garden with a wide array of tropical plants. Beyond this, the settings are gorgeous, sunny, with idyllic waters breaking up the gardens.

Boat rental in Miami is a great option for a holiday, with it being ideal for getting around and plenty of sites to see. You’re never going to be short of waters, islands, and places to berth. You can access most of the sites inland with ease via uber or alternatives, yet browse the Florida Keys and other spots at your own pace.

Photo by Gautier Salles on Unsplash

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