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Booking platform Bidroom continues to grow and expand

When it comes to booking a hotel online for less money and with less hassle in 2016, is the new way to go. With an explosive user growth and expanding hotel network, this direct booking platform is shaking things up in the hotel industry.

THE HAGUE - With nearly 120.000 active users and a staggering growth of 22% each month, Bidroom is fast becoming one of the largest direct booking platforms online and the go-to website for hotel reservations. Offering users fast, convenient and easy booking, is determined make its mark in the world of travel and leisure.

What sets apart from the other websites is its advanced booking system that automatically gives users a discount on the lowest available room rate found elsewhere online. boasts of a minimum discount of five percent which can run up to twenty percent depending on availability and location.

In order to gain access to these exclusive discounts, users are required to sign up with a personal account. After logging in, users can then requests bookings from hotels and decide on a stay. Since payment is made directly to the hotel, merely acts as the intermediary platform that connects both parties.

Expanding to Greece is continually expanding its area of operations. Lately the company has reached multiple agreements with hotels in Greece, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Greek hoteliers.

Positive Response from Hotels prides itself on its low commission model that benefits both the guest and the hotel. With the average commission for hotels fluctuating between 15 and 25 percent, Bidroom’s 2% commission is incredibly tempting for hoteliers. In return for this low commission, the company asks that hoteliers give guests a discount on their room rates which should persuade more people to book with Bidroom.

According to Bidroom’s CEO, Michael Ros, the response from hoteliers has been overwhelmingly positive: “Hoteliers are finally realising the negative effects of dealing with traditional booking websites such as and Expedia who charge hotels hefty commissions. brings something new to the table and hotels are eager to jump on board with us.”

“Our mission is to offer our users the best selection of hotels at the best possible rates in any destination of the world”, Ros says. Through strong alliances with both chains and independent hotels and a continual focus on customer needs, the company hopes to achieve this global ambition within the next year. At the moment, is well on its way to carving out a niche for itself in the competitive online booking industry.

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