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Braathens Regional Airlines first passenger airline in the world offering all travelers to fly on biofuel


Anyone who fly with Braathens Regional Airlines in Sweden as from April 8 will be able to book biofuel flights for an extra fee of SEK 300 (29,50 euros) per flight.

Braathens Regional Airlines is the first passenger airline in the world that makes it possible for all its travelers to select biofuel when booking tickets.

"It's important for us to make it easy to go climate smart. And enabling biofuel for the flight is just one of our actions to make things smarter for our customers. Since 2017 we have offered biofuel possibility to businesses only, now it/s possible for everyone. This is an important step towards our goal of becoming fossil-free until the year 2030”, says Christian Clemens, CEO of Braathens Regional Airlines.

The new biofuel opportunity with Braathens Regional Airlines makes the flight nearly fossil-free.

It works as simple as this

  • Biofuel is an option for travelers when booking tickets with Braathens Regional Airlines.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines guarantee refueling its aircraft with biofuel.
  • Refueling is with biofuel done throughout the year, not for each flight.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines simply replaces conventional jet fuel for biofuel and increases biofuel use within aviation. Hopefully the increased demand will hurry up production speed and create decreasing biofuel prices.
  • Braathens Regional Airlines does not charge any additional fees for biofuel. The supplement is only the difference between the fuel costs.
  • As the average flight with Braathens Regional Airlines is an hour. The airline will start to offer everyone biofuel at a fixed cost equivalent to an average flight. If demand will be high, Braathens Regional Airlines already now plan to make the booking more flexible due to flight times and aircraft types.

Braathens Regional Airlines first in the world – again!
In the year 2009 Braathens Regional Airlines was the first commercial airline in the world to be fully environmental certified by ISO 14001, then under the brand names Malmo Aviation and Sverigeflyg.

Through this new, biofuel opportunity, Swedish Braathens Regional Airlines continues to be in lead of the development with climate friendlier customer solutions in the aviation industry.

Braathens Regional Airlines was as late as last week also granted as a member of the Swedish government Fossil Free Sweden Initiative.

Air BP is the supplier of biofuel to Braathens Regional Airlines and it is produced mainly by old frying oil and other bio residues.

More about greener flights by Braathens Regional Airlines:

  • Braathens Regional Airlines has just recently updated its aircraft fleet with one of the world's most climate-efficient aircraft types available for regional flights: ATR 500/600 turbo propel.
  • The new ATR/s today operate 19 of Braathens Regional Airline/s 23 domestic network routes in Sweden.
  • There are no high altitude emission effects from flights with Braathens Regional Airlines ATR fleet. The aircraft don’t fly on altitudes higher than 6000-7000 meters (high altitude emission effects begin at 8000-9000).
  • Braathens Regional Airlines will start a second aircraft fleet change in 2020, and implement a number of Bombardier C-Series. The airline will at the same time send its current fleet of Avro RJ to retirement for good.
  • In March 2018, Braathens Regional Airlines was granted membership in the Swedish government Fossil Free Sweden Initiative,
  • All business trips carried out by employees of Braathens Regional Airlines are made with five percent biofuel.
  • Straight routes reduce flight time and emissions, but straight airways are a matter for authorities to create. Braathens Regional Airlines always flies as straight as possible.
  • As early as the year 2009, Braathens Regional Airlines became environmentally certified, as the world's first passenger airline (then under the name of Malmo Aviation and Sverigeflyg. After merging, they are today Braathens Regional Airlines).
  • Since 2015, one of the goals for Braathens Regional Airlines is to become fossil-free by the end of the year 2030, several years prior to the Swedish national target.
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