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Brussels greets the world

On 1st October, 22 networks of Greeters arrived in Brussels for the annual meeting of the Global Greeter Network, which will be taking place until 4th October. Representatives from these networks of volunteers were be welcomed by the not-for-profit organisation, Tourism autrement, who set up the network and the “Greeters de Bruxelles”.
BRUSSELS - The idea of the event is for people to share their opinions and experiences of the development of collaborative tourism around the world, the role of the Internet and its place in developing tourism in a particular town or region. Visitors will also have time to explore another side of Brussels, particularly its commitment to sustainability, to slow food and to the environment (reception and meetings with the “Greeters de Bruxelles” all over Brussels; tastings of seasonal and organic products; soft mobility; fair-trade breakfast etc.).

Let’s say it: Brussels is literally is "greeting the world”, by welcoming representatives from Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Hamburg, Houston, Kent, The Hague, Lyon, Marseille, Moscow, Mulhouse, Nantes, New York, Paris, Rhein-Ahr, Toronto, Tours, the Loire Valley and Troyes.

A few future members of the international network, from Charleroi, Mons, Namur and Aisne, are also be attending.

The Greeters, a network of residents offering people the chance to explore a town or a region with the locals, for a unique and authentic experience.
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