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Busy Rooms releases its revenue optimization module

The all-in-one central reservation system now provides property owners & revenue managers with detailed revenue optimization information.

Busy Rooms announced the release of its revenue optimization tool. The new feature is fully integrated into the Busy Rooms central reservation system, allowing property managers and revenue managers to manage and review all information about content, competitors, rooms, prices and availability in one tool.

By drawing information from past bookings, local competitor rates and guest review scores the tool’s algorithm calculates where rates, availability and restrictions can be altered in order to optimize revenue. All information including live metrics and suggested alterations are delivered to the user via a visually pleasing and intuitive dashboard. From this dashboard it’s easy for a property managers to see what alterations the tool suggests, make any manual changes and then push updates live.  

Other modules that the tool will sit alongside include distribution management, rate shopping, content management and reputation management. By providing all these solutions in one system, users can pick and choose what they require and enjoy the benefits of only having to learn and operate one system. With less hassle hoteliers have more time to focus on other aspects such as guest experience.

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