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Cabify launches its new driver safety functionality globally, and reinforces rider accessibility


According to an internal survey, drivers’ physical safety and health are the most important aspects for 50% and 71% of drivers respectively. The company is working on the development of a pioneer identity verification system in the ride-hailing sector which is soon to be launched globally.

The multi-mobility company Cabify announces the activation of a new safety button in all the countries where it operates, which allows collaborating drivers to get in contact with Cabify or with the authorities quickly, and also share their location. Cabify thus advances its plans to promote safe mobility in the new normal, and is implementing this functionality, which is already available to users, in the 11 countries in which it operates.

In addition to this, the company announces that it is testing and will soon activate globally an identity verification system for passengers who request to pay for their rides in cash. This verification system is already in operation in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Chile will be the next country to implement it. On the other hand, Cabify is constantly working to identify areas of risk for driving partners, and limits operations or disables cash payment in these areas to improve their safety and security. 

Vicente Pascual, Cabify Chief of Ride Hailing, stated, “Our priority at all times is the safety of Cabify passengers and driving partners. Therefore, we work constantly so that the thousands of collaborating users and drivers that get around with us every week can do so safely. The new developments are another step further within this commitment, and our determination is to innovate, on an ongoing basis, in order to continue to reinforce our position as an alternative”.

According to a survey carried out globally by Cabify after the start of the pandemic with 3047 driver participations, physical safety and health, at 50% and 71% respectively, are the most important aspects. Physical safety is one of the attributes that drivers most associate with Cabify, only after service quality, professionalism and cleanliness. 

The increase in the number of active drivers who collaborate with Cabify demonstrates the continuing interest in collaborating with what they consider to be a safe platform. Since the COVID-19 global pandemic declaration by the WHO on the 13th of March, the number of active drivers (including associated taxi drivers) has increased by 60% (between the weeks of the 23rd of March and the 27th of July).

Driver Safety Kit: New Cabify safety feature where drivers can get in contact with the company and with the authorities, as well as to share their current ride. 

This development will be operational, and will benefit all drivers and taxi drivers who collaborate with the application, in addition to the various measures introduced during the contingency generated by COVID-19, with a global investment plan valued at one million dollars for the distribution and installation of personal protection equipment and screens. This program was launched in line with the recommendations from the corresponding local health authorities, with technological developments to ensure maximum use of the protection elements provided. 

According to the aforementioned study, 66% of the drivers surveyed consider the availability of preventive sanitary elements (PPE and medical checks) to be the most important measures to guarantee health and safety. 

In pursuit of total accessibility and following last November’s announcement that its application is 100% accessible for blind persons, Cabify has taken a key step to promote accessibility by activating a new menu for accessibility settings that promotes information exchange for driving partners (including associated taxis) to better serve riders’ needs. Also, new functionalities allow riders to indicate on “Ride accessibility” whether they require the driver to provide special assistance (for instance, chat use for hearing-impaired riders).

Cabify plans include further developments to promote inclusion. In the coming weeks, it will activate a new voice-activated system, which will become operative in September. This system enables the app to use the phone’s text-to-speech (TTS) reader, so that users who have ADHD, struggle with reading, or have problems with the quick interpretation of information can get the most important notifications comfortably with the app open.  

With the aim of furthering innovation, interacting proactively with users, and providing full accessibility to the platform, the app will automatically provide every passenger who has the accessibility setting activated on their platform with new features and updates. According to an anonymous count, over 33 thousand users with established accessibility preferences on their smartphones currently use Cabify. 

The company teams up with specialised organizations to push new achievements and developments in order to ensure optimal reach, given the priority and critical challenge of promoting inclusive mobility in the mobility space.

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