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Cabify launches new employee ride-combining service for more efficient, economical and safer rides


The company promotes efficient mobility with a new service leading to a 20-40% average carbon footprint reduction and 48% cost savings. The solution is currently active in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Peru.

The mobility company Cabify announced the rollout of a new route combination service for corporate clients and their employees that bolsters mobility efficiency and offers new alternatives prioritising safety and affordability. This technological development will enable to nimbly arrange and bundle trips with the same origin or drop-off point, making it easier for employees to share rides on their way home or to work.

Cabify's corporate division has a 65k companies client base worldwide (2019) which have now a new option to adapt their mobility needs to the diverse challenges sparked by the COVID-19 crisis. In order to use this service, trips can be booked up to 90 days in advance. The companies hiring this service must provide the required information on the platform and the system will automatically program the routes as well as optimally arrange riders and costs.  

“Shared mobility will be an instrumental part of the solutions for cities’ major challenges in the realm of quality of life, air, and urban space. We are determined to keep supporting our corporate clients - who play a key role in enhancing urban mobility and employees’ well-being - with a service that reduces polluting emissions, congestion, costs and health safety risks. These benefits are indeed deepened by our global investment plan to provide drivers with protective equipment as well as our verification system that ensures its massive use and the highest security standards,” said Marcela Cardenas, Global VP of Sales at Cabify.

According to Cabify’s latest research on post-COVID mobility, conducted in May 2020, 67% of ride-hailing users prioritise health security over quality or price when selecting a means of transport. Cabify guarantees trips are operated in compliance with all of the biosecurity protocols established by the public authorities and the company, avoiding potential risks associated with other mobility alternatives. This new corporate solution enables companies to enhance their staff’s well-being along with talent retention via new mobility policies Also, Cabify has recently deployed a USD 1 million investment plan for the distribution and installation of individual protective equipment spanning face masks, gloves and screens.

Cost efficiency is a further consequence of this new solution and stresses Cabify’s intent to support companies at an uncertain time of economic downturn and lower business activity:  a major survey to corporate clients conducted by Cabify in May 2020 showed 48% of businesses will globally carry out tight control over expenditure.  It also revealed 44% of companies plan to raise their use of private vehicles and 34% the use of ride-hailing services specifically.  Cabify estimates that, by combining routes in a similar vehicle, an average 3-rider trip model in a capital city like Bogota, Santiago de Chile, or Madrid, results in a 48% reduction in total cost per trip for corporate clients.

This initiative constitutes a significant step forward in environmental sustainability: by combining trips that companies would otherwise hire on an individual basis, the solution reduces carbon footprint by 20% to 40% according to in-house analysts and data scientists, in a 3-rider trip model comparison in a similar vehicle.

“At Cabify, we take pride in providing our users and drivers with new solutions to make mobility more efficient in the cities where we operate. Our new routing service is a prime example of how Cabify Empresas tackles and responds to the current challenges affecting corporate clients: we are convinced of the service’s disruptive potential and how it can make a difference for them in time, cost, and safety,” said Cardenas. 

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