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Camping trips: Cabin, tent, chateau or lodges: What kind of accommodation to choose


We would like to provide you with all the main peculiarities of each so that you can pick the perfect one for yourself.

A lot of people, when choosing accommodation for themselves, do not do any prior research on different peculiarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of all options. So, what to know before camping

First of all, appropriate gear and clothing. Secondly, food and options to cook. Finally, route, destination, duration, and the like. However, we would like to focus on the differences between diverse possibilities of accommodation. We would like to provide you with all the main peculiarities of each so that you can pick the perfect one for yourself.

The most common dwelling is in deserts. It's a huge tent, mattresses lie on the sand, and a blanket is on top.

Despite the fact that during the day, the air temperature in the desert reaches about +40, at night, it can drop to +10, so a blanket is definitely necessary for such tents. Apart from mattresses, there are no other conditions in the tents, so such an overnight stay is definitely not for picky tourists.

It is not possible to reserve a place in the tent on or other accommodation search sites.

In the villages closest to the deserts, there are tourist companies that organize trips on jeeps or camels. And the overnight stay in a tent is only part of such trips and is included in the price of the tour. 

Lodges in the mountains
A mountain shelter with modest conditions is also called a lodge.

The mountains are a place far from civilization, so everything is delivered to the hotel by yaks or by helicopter. It takes about a week to get at least something there. Showers in such places are paid, as is food. You also have to pay for the Internet, although it will work only under normal weather conditions.

The biggest advantage of such hotels is an unforgettable view of the mountains. The lodges look quite austere, but still, people from all over the world stay in them.

Sometimes you can live in the lodges for free, but this is on the condition that you order a lot of food in their restaurant.

Campsites are usually located outside the city, so they are not always convenient for urban travel, although there are exceptions.

Campsites are much cheaper than staying in hotels. Travelers consider the warm atmosphere of camping sites to be one of the biggest advantages. The most important thing is the choice of a tent (pop-up cold weather tent, backpacking tent, bell tent, etc.).

At the campsites, you can meet interesting people and talk about many interesting things, such as listening to the stories of climbers at the campsites near Mont Blanc. Here everyone is like a big family, everyone always knows where everyone is, what they are doing, and where they will go. European campsites have all the necessary conditions: shower, toilet, internet.

And in the morning, they also bring freshly baked hot baguettes.

To stay overnight in such places, you need to have your own tent and sleeping bag.

However, when it rains, a tent is not the most comfortable place to wait it out. The downside is that not everyone likes living in a tent because it is always a limited space.

You can find "your" campsite on any site with accommodation, such as, or on sites with only camping options:

Free camping
In some countries, you can stay right in the city center and, most importantly, for free.

Local residents and tourists take their tents and stay in a kind of free camping in the park. If you don't mind strangers around, then why deny yourself the pleasure of sleeping in nature?

But remember: unlike paid campsites, parks do not have showers, toilets, or places where you can prepare food. To spend the night in the park, you only need to pitch a tent in a free place. You don't need to reserve a place, and you also have to pay. 

Capsule hotels
The huge room is divided into two-story capsules. Each of them is closed with a special curtain or with a key. The capsule has a double or single bed, lighting, and a small shelf for storing luggage.

Of course, there are also those that accommodate only a bed, and the luggage is then stored in a specially designated room. The disadvantages of such hotels are that the bathroom and toilet are for common use, and there is usually no kitchen.

There is not always a place to store luggage in the capsule, and the height of the "room" means that you will always be lying down or squatting. You can "book" a capsule on,, and other accommodation search sites.

A cabin on a yacht or a boat
A night on a yacht seems to be a more romantic place. While the yacht moves, everyone rests in their cabins. While it is moored in the bay, workers and residents stock up on water and food.

In addition, during the stop, the battery is charged so that you can recharge your gadgets while swimming. Such yachts are autonomous, although not as comfortable as hotels. But they have kitchens, toilets, and showers.

If the traveling cabin docks on a deserted island, residents take turns to watch the whole night so that the ship's anchor does not drift into dangerous shallows. Watching on a yacht is difficult to call a disadvantage. Can't you dream of a romantic night under the stars? This is a very cool attraction.

Between ordinary hotels and hostels, there are many offers to live in cabins, or, as they are also called, in a boat on sites for finding accommodation. 

To cut a long story short, there is no best accommodation option. There is only the best one for you. Camping is the best way to relax, charge your battery and enjoy yourself. However, it is up to you to choose!

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