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Canada's booming gambling industry


Speaking of Canada, why has gambling become such a hit in this region, and what stats should we pay attention to.

Technology made things easier. While there are many debates about whether we were better off without technology, we can all agree that it has its perks. For example, you no longer need to shop at the market if you would rather stay home all day. An app allows you to order anything, including fresh food from the market. And that’s but one use of technology. Our hobbies have also become easier to pursue. You can learn to do almost everything online, including gambling! And if you use the best online casinos Canada, you can even make good money from it. Speaking of Canada, why has gambling become such a hit in this region, and what stats should we pay attention to?

What makes canada conducive for gambling
Did you know? An average of 75% of Canadians engage in gambling, with lottery and scratchies taking the lead! That’s a considerably high percentage which explains the billions of dollars in accrued revenue. But what about Canada makes it such a good place to launch a gambling career?

In most regions, the gambling sector is black and white. The authorities either want their citizens to gamble or want to forbid it. But in Canada, it is a grey area, which allows both online operators and gamblers to take advantage of the situation. As a player, you can sign up on a gambling site and start playing. And even if the authorities were to ever catch up with you, it’s unlikely that you would be in trouble. After all, the law is quite murky in this regard, and you can get off scot-free. How about operators? Any online gambling sites operating in the region violate the current Canadian laws. However, that seems to apply to those based in Canada. As such, most of the sites in the country are hosted offshore yet still provide gambling services to Canadians. 

The legality of gaming gets even more interesting as the government delegates gambling regulations to authorities in each province. In so doing, the national government remains quiet about the legality of online gambling. Even so, it is open to physical gambling establishments, and anyone who wants to operate such a setup is free to do so. Can you see why this area is quite grey? It’s also a huge contributor to the popularity of online gambling.

We all know how important licensing is in casinos. Playing in a casino with no overseeing authority can spell trouble for you. So, are the casinos in Canada licensed? That’s a worthwhile consideration, seeing as the legality of online gaming is questionable to a certain extent. The good news is that most of the sites operating in the region have some form of licensing, some even from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. As such, most players continue gaming, knowing that someone somewhere can step in if their rights get violated. And, of course, this encourages more people to try their hand at gambling.

Is licensing that important? Yes! People play in online casinos, hoping that the operators have not tweaked the machines to skew the results in the house’s favor. We all understand that the house must have an edge. But some casinos can tweak it so much that the stated RTP is a far cry from reality. A licensor steps in to assess the software on a site and determine if it meets the market requirements.

Online casino safety also encompasses site security (SSL encryption and all), the security of payment methods, and age restrictions. More importantly, it also ascertains that you get your earnings on time.

Did you know that winnings are not taxed in Canada? What you see on the winnings’ dashboard is what you take home. That’s one of the perks of the cloud that shrouds online gaming – because there aren’t standard laws relating to online gaming, you can keep your money while authorities make up their mind. It’s easy to make money from professional gambling in Canada, which currently ranks as one of the world's highest gambling revenue generating countries.


Photo by Chuma A on Unsplash

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