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Catchin’ Caicos is Turks and Caicos’ #1 fishing yacht charter


The beautiful Islands of Turks and Caicos are located about five hundred miles southeast of Miami, Florida and are considered one of the most ideal celebrity and jet set vacations.

Catchin’ Caicos is a luxury fishing charter, with its outstanding vessels located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Known for their luxurious, secure vessels, impeccable customer service, and well-catered salons, the outfit maintains a 5-star average rating on all review platforms. Charters are booked for ½ day, ¾ day, or a full day on either the 60’ Hatteras yacht or the 36’ Benchmark catamaran and can be customized to include fun for the whole family with options in addition to phenomenally-reviewed fishing like exploring near-by pirate caves, snorkeling, or island-hopping.

The beautiful Islands of Turks and Caicos are located about five hundred miles southeast of Miami, Florida, and are considered one of the most ideal celebrity and jet-set vacations. Comprising forty islands and cays, Turks and Caicos vacations are the ultimate destination for uncharted luxury. These islands welcome over a million travelers each year to world-class hotels such as Shore Club, Grace Bay Club, and the Seven Stars Resort. 

The geography of the beautiful Turk and Caicos Islands make them a sound location for deep-sea sport fishing, especially for practicing fishermen and lovers of the sport. The Turks and Caicos Islands are a dream come true. The reef comprises two large underwater plateaus and covers nearly 1700 square miles alone on the Caicos Bank which is the second-largest barrier reef system in the Western Hemisphere.

Most of the popular beaches on this island are located in National Parks and Nature reserves, such as Grace Bay beach and Leeward Beach. This is to protect the ecosystem, both terrestrial and marine. For those who decide to fish on their own, it is necessary to be aware of regulations and protected areas - some of which are; Providenciales National Parks, Columbus Landfall National Park, Admiral Cockburn Land and Sea National Park (South Caicos), and the Ramsar Nature Reserve (North Caicos and Middle Caicos.)

The setup and equipment of the Catchin’ Caicos vessels are top-notch. The outstanding vessels’ salons contain top-of-the-line furniture and technology systems. The latest addition to the Catchin’ Caicos fleet - a 36’ Benchmark Catamaran boasts Simrad electronics cameras to assist with an underwater view while navigating and/or fishing, and Shimano Talica Lever Reels to make the experience of guests even smoother. The vessels each have a top-of-the-line surround sound system with Bluetooth that allows guests to use their own playlists on preferred devices. The yachts are fully equipped with snacks, fruit platters, local beers, and sodas. It’s also air-conditioned with three bathrooms. 

The notable Catchin’ Caicos staff is known for the ultimate in customer service, and are prepared to assist in all capacities including specialized catering requests, reeling in the big fish when stamina may be needed, and always preparing the catch at the end of the day for guests to bring by their favorite local restaurant or enjoy in the comfort of their villa. “Worth every penny,” exclaimed on TripAdvisor review, “What an amazing trip. The highlight of our vacation. From booking to coordinating with CJ for our matching shirts AND a big surprise for one of the guests this was a perfect charter!”

Whether you book a Catchin’ Caicos charter for deep-sea fishing, a journey into the expansive barrier reef (ideal for larger game fish or bottom fishing) or join for tournament fishing for the more serious anglers, the Catchin’ Caicos premiere outlet is poised for success and always delivers the ultimate adventure experience. To learn more, visit or call 649.244.2927 today!

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