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Central Hall Westminster invites meeting planners to Meet The Future

First roundtable event to address Wi-Fi communication gap between planners and venues.

Central Hall Westminster (CHW), central London’s largest purpose built conference centre, announces the launch of ‘Meet The Future’, a campaign designed to explore event technologies and encourage planners to take a proactive step in embracing emerging technologies.

With a focus on ‘Events Evolution’, the campaign will feature regular content and discussion points shared via the Central Hall Westminster social media channels as well as special events held at Central Hall Westminster.

The first event, to be held on 20th February 2014, will lay the foundations for the discussion by focusing on where event technology is today, with a roundtable discussion dedicated to Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi is the life blood of event technology, this first event will help meeting and event planners learn about the terminologies and technicalities associated with venue Wi-Fi technology. The event will feature Richard Hughes, Director of event Wi-Fi specialists Max WiFi, and Kim Carrington, IT Manager at CHW, who will assist delegates in understanding the right questions to ask venues to avoid Wi-Fi woes.  

Paul Southern, Managing Director at Central Hall Westminster, commented: “Despite the vast progressions made in Wi-Fi technology in recent years, every now and again we still read about event disasters where the Wi-Fi at a venue hasn’t met expectations. We believe that this is often due to a communication gap between the event organisers and the venue. The roundtable discussion aims to bridge that gap by listening to planner’s views and expectations about Wi-Fi and helping them to learn more about Wi-Fi technology. Ultimately we want to ensure venues and planners speak the same language.”

The roundtable will be followed by a second event in May 2014 to explore event technologies of tomorrow. This event will look beyond the immediate future to explore what might be possible with developments in communications and technology in the longer term.

Maria Schuett, Marketing Manager at CHW, added: “Forget the next ten or even twenty years, with commercial space travel just around the corner and astronauts tweeting from space, who knows where communications could take us in the next few decades? We want to look way into the future and invite events professionals to let their imagination go wild. The industry shouldn’t be reactively driven by technology, but proactively embracing what is emerging!”
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