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Central Holidays innovates to meet booming demand for Egypt travel


Expands Egypt experiential programs, increases agent commissions to 15% on Egypt bookings, and introduces Egypt-specialist team.

MOONACHIE, NJ – Backed by Egypt-headquartered parent company Sakkara Group International (SGI), Central Holidays announced exciting Egypt-focused initiatives to meet the booming demand for travel to this fascinating country. The award-winning travel brand is unveiling new experiential travel programs in its just-released 52-page Egypt travel brochure, increasing agent commissions on Egypt Bookings to 15 percent, and introducing a team of Egypt Specialists highly experienced in the destination.

“Over the past year we have seen a significant increase of 289% in bookings to Egypt, and we expect that trend to keep going strong in the coming years,” said Tewfik Ghattas, SGI Board Member. "Egypt continues topping charts in acclaimed consumer research findings that reveal outlook for travel in 2019. In fact, CNN Travel just named Egypt number 2 among the top 19 places to visit in 2019 in part for new excavations that have been unearthed over the past year.”

“This phenomenal growth is not only wonderful for the tourism industry of Egypt, but also for travelers, as we are thrilled to be introducing splendid new experiential travel programs created by our highly knowledgeable Egypt destination specialists and delivered by our very own destination management teams in Egypt. We invite agents and their clients to enjoy the vast benefits of discovering the magic of Egypt with the true destination experts of Central Holidays and our parent company SGI,” continued Ghattas.

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