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Chester&Cheshire: The land of gardens




Chester & Cheshire – picturesque, worldly, and very well stocked with excellent restaurants, indulgent shops and fantastic golf courses. We are well connected with the rest of the country, but when you need to disappear off the radar for a while, wonderfully full of hiding places.

As everyone knows, in places Cheshire is very glamorous and great fun. But this is a county of real substance too. Its history – 2000 years of it – is real and evident. Amid the glamorous shops and daily bustle of life in the great heritage city of Chester, the Roman amphitheatre, the Norman cathedral, the Medieval streets and city walls stand as proud and cherished landmarks of our history, preserved with passion.

Take a look at the historic houses and gardens in their gorgeous country settings. Cheshire is home to some of Britain’s best gardens and they come in every conceivable shape and size. Explore the country villages and historic market towns of Cheshire’s rich farmlands and discover the long tradition of rural life that still thrives. Take to the higher ground of the Cheshire Peak District for some serious walking and you’ll find a rugged and unpretentious charm – as well as a bird’s eye view of Cheshire in all its glory, spread out across the Plain. Scratch the surface and discover the real beauty of Chester and Cheshire.

Cheshire’s tourism economy is worth approximately


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