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Chile presents online training platform: Chile Travel Training


Τhe "Chile Travel Training" is available on YouTube the digital platform is home to promotional videos of the tourism companies associated with FEDETUR.

SANTIAGO, CHILE – The National Tourism Service (Sernatur) and the Federation of Touristic Companies of Chile (FEDETUR) presents the Chile Travel Training, a digital training platform in which the country's service providers will show the best of their locations, activities, tours, and experiences. Its objective is promoting the best of Chile’s attractions and destinations in the United States market.

This digital platform was presented with the idea of gathering travel agencies and tour operators to learn and showcase the best experiences in Chile through entertaining videos. Moreover, the digital format was chosen as a tool to help connect with potential consumers through a dynamic that aligns with the new digital era. These videos will be used to share first-hand information and support both, travel agencies and tour operators in the American market. Additionally, these videos were made to highlight new perspectives about the destination and to help to create interesting itineraries that exceed the clients’ expectations. This activity seeks to inspire tour operators and travel agents in their attempt to approach their American clients and help reactivate receptive tourism in Chile.

The videos are available on YouTube and are divided by Chile´s the main promotional segments in the United States: Adventure, Romance and Astrotourism.

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