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City Centre Ajman to host its first Motor Show with 400+ Cars


Αutomobile enthusiasts can expect a showcase of cars, motorcycle displays, a live DJ, gaming counters for kids, food trucks and much more on the first level parking of the mall.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - City Centre Ajman, in collaboration with Ajman Tourism and Emirates Cars Association, will host a motor show with more than 400 cars for the first time.

On 12 November, between 4 and 9pm, the mall is inviting automobile aficionados throughout the UAE community to witness extravagant and classic motor vehicles of all kinds - including sustainable cars, Ajman police cars, and over 40 classic cars (some from the 1950s) - at the first-of-its-kind motor show taking place on the mall’s first level parking at Entrance D. One of the three only electric Hummer cars in the UAE will also be showcased at the exhibition area.

What’s more, a motorbike parade will be part of the show at 7 pm, with more than 100 motorcycles driving together to City Centre Ajman and at the exhibition area.

Many of the motor show’s super cars, classic cars, RC cars and motorbikes are privately owned by members of exclusive automobile clubs, including the Emirates Cars Association.

Aside from the cars, visitors can also enjoy the wide array of entertainment options ranging from a live DJ to gaming areas for kids, and even enjoy a bite to eat from food trucks.

City Centre Ajman’s motor show is just one of the many much awaited events that will take place in the mall on occasion of the UAE’s 51st National Day celebrations, to be announced soon.

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