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Conrad Dubai opens new restaurant Anása


Conrad Dubai announced the opening of its new Anása restaurant. Hotel guests and locals alike can enjoy an onsite dining experience like no other, where they can discover Greek gastronomic delights with fresh, simple, yet delicious food that is central to the laidback lifestyle of the Aegean. “Our team at Conrad Dubai is thrilled to introduce a unique restaurant offering that boasts a mouth-watering menu, friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere,” said Todori Kalamaris, General Manager, Conrad Dubai. “We aim to provide unparalleled hospitality for our guests and visitors, in true Greek ‘filoxenia’ or ‘love of strangers’ style. Anása offers a memorable and easygoing dining experience, with a warm ambience and a standout menu.”

Anása, meaning ‘breath’, is a breath of fresh air in a relaxing urban oasis, that features live Greek music for additional ambience. Greeks don't run their lives by the clock and will not be hurried. With live Greek music set to entertain guests every weekend, expect an easygoing and friendly service and authentic food using only top-quality ingredients for each dish. Executive Chef Ilias Doulamis is passionate about serving only the most authentic cuisine, usually to be found in Greece. The menu selection strikes the perfect balance of classic and creative flavor combinations, resulting in quality, authentic Greek dishes, where guests can expect to find fresh staple plates such as Dakos (bread rusk salad), Tzatziki and Taramosalata from the orektika; octopus on the grill, Lauraki A la Spetsiota (Cod fricassee) and Astakomakaronada (lobster and pasta) from the mains.To end with a sweet note of the traditional orange cake, Portokalopita. To accompany its special culinary offering, guests can choose from an extensive range of traditional Greek beverages, in addition to a comprehensive European selection.

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