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Coronavirus: Tips for travellers


This is a challenging time for globe-trotting, as many of the world’s tourism hot spots are currently in recovery mode, which is why it’s important to work out which experiences are available and which are off the table.

Coronavirus has had a major impact on countless businesses and employees across the world, although almost none have felt the fallout as keenly as those in the travel industry. Frequent globe-trotters have had to refocus over the past few months, but now that some countries are beginning to relax restrictions, there is a visible light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a great time to start planning your next adventure, if only for the sake of your mental health, and with these tips, you can look forward to a safe, healthy experience.

Do your research 
At times like these, the news is flooded with stories about the spread and containment of the virus, making it a vital point of reference while you’re in the throes of planning your next trip. You’ll find little joy in making grand plans only to discover that the destinations you most want to visit are planning on remaining closed to visitors for the foreseeable future, so start by getting clued in on viable vacation spots. The best source for answers is your national government, and the answers are only a quick internet search away. While you’re researching and creating an itinerary, you have a great opportunity to find out about the rules in place in each destination to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Plan your itinerary 
Admittedly, this is a challenging time for globe-trotting, as many of the world’s tourism hot spots are currently in recovery mode, which is why it’s important to work out which experiences are available and which are off the table. Consider things like national parks, coastal towns, and even simple day trips to nearby cities or towns. Of course, you’ll need to be prepared to embrace downtime on your trip, whether that means playing a few games at SkyCity Online Casino, reading (or listening to) a book, or even a live-streamed event in your hotel room. If you do manage to book into an in-person experience, be sure to comb through the cancellation policy and seriously consider what it would mean if your plans were to go pear-shaped. 

Plan your transport 
It’s no secret that crossing borders is a challenge right now as many countries have closed their borders to incoming travelers. The good news is that although international flights may be off the menu for some time, there are still plenty of options for local adventures. This is easy to do if your home country lies within close proximity of the prospective destinations, since residents of many countries can still make use of nearby buses and train lines to get around. Even if your country is isolated from other lands, you’ll likely be surprised at just how much is on offer within your borders and how close you are to your next big travel opportunity. 

Choose your accommodation carefully
Temporary accommodation in metro areas has been hit hard recently as travelers became stranded between their holiday destination and their home. For this reason, it has never been more important to choose your accommodation carefully. Be wary of popular hotels which will leave you open to contact with people who are statistically more likely to have been exposed to infection. Instead, consider self-catered accommodation which will allow you to limit your interactions with others, or better yet, opt for a secluded cottage in a rural town where you’ll have no shortage of time to luxuriate in your own company. 

Read the fine print
Even those who might usually consider travel insurance to be an optional extra will be thinking twice about it now, but it’s important to know exactly where your policy applies. During this tumultuous time, insurers are almost guaranteed to have written coronavirus-related rules into their terms and conditions which may leave you without coverage if you run into trouble. This is particularly important for those planning an overseas trip, where travel insurance graduates from a set of pool toys to a life raft in a storm.  

Travelling is fraught with risk at the best of times, but if you’re committed to seeing the world, a little innovative thinking will have you enjoying new experiences in no time. As long as you hold your safety and the safety of others as a top priority, you’ll be on your way to making smart travel decisions and minimizing your impact on those around you.

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