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Cruise Indonesia - Best small ship expeditions


You can easily find and book a private charter cruise if you are in the mood for a more intimate evening or just enjoy your honeymoon days while exploring some of the best parts of Indonesia.

Indonesian cruises take visitors to breathtakingly beautiful places in quite unexplored countries in the world. Even though Bali has been a paradise for tourists for a while now, some areas are still out of human touch. With more than 13 000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic country that is best explored on a small boat expedition. With a small boat cruise, you’ll get the chance to visit the enchanting little corners of any island you want to visit. From the Sasak villages to Lombok to the sand beaches in Bali, the choices are limitless, you just need to decide on embarking on such a cruise. 

You can easily find and book a private charter cruise if you are in the mood for a more intimate evening or just enjoy your honeymoon days while exploring some of the best parts of Indonesia. And not to mention the Spice Islands which are rich in volcanoes and are remote in Southeast Sulawesi. So, let’s see where the small ship expeditions can take you on your journey and make it unforgettable.

Visiting Lombok
As we previously stated, Lombok is considered one of the most gorgeous islands in Indonesia with its beautiful beaches, mighty waterfalls, and unique culture of the Sasak people. You can hike through the jungle and reach the Sindang Gila waterfall. Then you can delve into the village of Senary and visit the Sasak people and learn about their traditions, customs, and unique blend of Islam and Animism. However, if you are the type of person that enjoys water activities, then visiting Gili Sulat and the waters of the Gili Islands will bring an adventurous and memorable experience where you’ll get to see the sea life and experience the best snorkeling in the region.

Even though most of Lombok’s beauties are found off the main island, you still can learn about their culture, visit some temples and enjoy beautiful sceneries. If this is not a good persuasion, check the smaller lands and see it for yourself.

Raja Ampat
Another destination that is the best experienced via small boat cruise in Raja Ampat. This area covers hundreds of islands and has the most sailing traffic cruises around Waigeo, Misool, and Batanata. The visitors can drift through the caves and enjoy the cave paintings, enjoy the undersea graveyards and mushroom-shaped spires. Animal lovers can snorkel on crystal clear beaches in the search of manta rays, sharks, and seahorses, and see the bird paradise on the islands.

Hikers can explore the mangrove forests in Batanata and visit the villages in Waigeo. Waterfalls will follow you everywhere, so you will see many beautiful nature-made wonders.

The Mighty Kalimantan
A trip to Indonesia is nothing if you don’t visit Kalimantan. This is also known as Asia’s Amazon due to the varied wildlife, grand jungle, and meandering rivers. You’ll get the chance to see the orangutan which is the most famous resident in this place. You can have small ship cruises to certain parts of Kalimantan and experience a true jungle adventure. And all that enriched with the face-to-face meet-up with the red-pelted orangutans.

The Spice Islands
The Spice Islands are also known as the Maluku Islands or the Moluccas and were very important in the spice trade for over a thousand years. These islands have been the homeland of many spices like nutmeg and cloves which were valued almost as gold is valued nowadays. Small ship cruises to the Spice Islands include a deep dive into the islands’ territory, where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the spice trade and visit the nutmeg plantations that are still in function even to this day. In addition to that, you can enjoy a walk through the palm-lined beaches and admire the towering volcanoes. More specifically, Gunung Api, which is still active today.

No, we did not forget the famous Bali. This is the island that brought many tourists from around the world to Indonesia. It is the starting point for many Indonesian cruises and small boats usually focus on the less-visited islands like Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan where you get to see the karst caves and secluded beaches. Also, you can visit the Pulau Menjangan island where snorkeling with angelfish and clownfish is a remarkable experience.

When is the best time to visit Indonesia?
After learning a thing or two about the most famous small boat cruises and where they can take you, you need to be informed about the weather conditions when visiting Indonesia. Making sure you are aware of the climate variations in different seasons is crucial for your trip to go uninterrupted. Usually, June and July are considered windy seasons in Raja Ampat, while July and August are most visited in the other parts of the country.

Photo by Lrns on Unsplash

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