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Cruise industry celebrates seafarers around the world


Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) pays tribute to the men and women who facilitate unforgettable memories for millions of cruisers around the world.

WASHINGTON D.C. - Cruise Lines International Association joined the international community in recognizing International Day of the Seafarer.

Celebrated on 25 June, this year’s theme is “Fair Future for Seafarers”, which is a cause that CLIA member lines have long taken to heart and are committed to staying the course.

Employing a truly global workforce, crewmembers are the foundation of the cruise industry and every memorable cruise vacation experience. As highly trained and dedicated professionals, cruise ship crewmembers are hard at work implementing enhanced health and safety protocols that protect the well-being of those aboard the ships and the communities that we visit.

“The International Day of the Seafarer carries particular meaning for the cruise industry this year. After a long and challenging 15 months, hope is finally on the horizon for over a million people who rely on cruise tourism for their livelihoods, including over 200,000 seafarers,” said Kelly Craighead, president and CEO of CLIA. “On behalf of the entire cruise community around the world, it is our distinct honor to recognize the hard-working men and women who are the heart and soul of every sailing, working behind the scenes and on the front lines in the interest of public health and safety. Our community is beyond grateful for the seafarers who make it possible for our industry to once again offer travelers one of the best ways to experience the world.”

Cruise ships are well on their way to offering the travelling public a high level of COVID-19 mitigation - a feat that would not be possible without the seafarers who help to implement and maintain the industry’s robust health and safety protocols. As cruise lines continue to work toward resumption of operations around the world, CLIA research indicates that demand for cruising remains strong, largely attributable to the excellent service of cruise ship crewmembers around the world. 

Facts About Cruise Industry Seafarers

  • Prior to the pandemic, CLIA ocean-going cruise line members employed over 200,000 seafarers hailing from over 100 countries.
  • In the face of border closures and travel restrictions, cruise lines went to great lengths to repatriate crewmembers in 2020 following the suspension of passenger operations as a result of the pandemic - including using their own ships to transport crewmembers to their homes.
  • Cruise lines invest heavily to attract the best people, offering an extremely competitive package of wages and benefits as well as training for crew members to perform jobs skillfully and advance on a rewarding career path. 
  • Cruise lines compete for talented crewmembers, offering customized and competitive terms within the strict requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). For every one crewmember job opening, cruise lines can receive up to 100 applicants.
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