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CruisesNews Media Group announces partnership with Escapa TV


At this moment of tourism activation, ocean and river cruise holiday experiences, life on board and the destinations they visit, will form a significant part of the channel's programming.

MADRID – CruisesNews Media Group and Escapa TV have signed a partnership agreement to broadcast cruise content on the travel-themed channel.

Cruises have been a holiday choice for many travellers around the world for many decades. In 2019, 30 million people chose cruising on ships of varying sizes, increasingly modern and luxurious, sailing the seven seas and calling at multiple destinations.  The world of cruising is vast and the possibilities for leisure both on board and in the destinations visited are very diverse.

CruisesNews Media Group is the leading company in communication and content in Spanish in the cruise sector, publishers of CruisesNews magazine and organisers of the main cruise events such as the International Cruise Summit and the Excellence Cruise Awards.  The company, combined with EscapaTV's experience in producing and broadcasting travel and tourism content, will offer information on cruise lines, gastronomy experience on board, entertainment, excursions, shows, cruise ports and destinations, itineraries and river cruise ships, among many others.

"When we started broadcasting on EscapaTV, there were no programmes that really showed what a cruise is like, what day-to-day life is like, excursions, entertainment, cabins or restaurants.  We did it with river cruises which was a success and then we recorded 3 more seasons. Now we want to extend it to all cruises with this special cruise section and our viewers are asking us for more every day" commented Ángel Fernández, content director of EscapaTV.

EscapaTV is the most watched channel dedicated to travel, tourism and adventure on pay TV n Spanish, and through TV operators, TV platforms, Apps and Smart TV reached an audience of more than 500,000 viewers in 2021. This audience is mainly made up of families and people between 25 and 65 who are interested in travel, adventure, gastronomy and outdoor sports among other hobbies.

"It seemed like a good moment, an ideal initiative and an excellent way to show the magic of cruises and the world that revolves around this type of tourism. Through EscapaTV, I am sure that cruise tourism will be presented in all its wonder and the traveller will capture those details of excellence of the product that cannot be shown in any other way", comments Virginia López Valiente, CEO at Cruises News Media Group.

EscapaTV can be seen all over Spain through more than 177 cable TV operators such as OrangeTV, Ahímás, MásMovil, Jazztel, Zapi, Opencable, PerseoTV, Mobilfree, CableWorld, Telfy or MasMedia among many others. In addition, through MasMedia it is beginning to be distributed in Latin America and with its app it can be watched with a simple subscription. Every 3 months EscapaTV expands its distribution network and its audience is growing every month since it started broadcasting.

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