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Desert & Delta Safaris extends voucher initiative to support Elephants Without Borders


Aim to raise $20,000 for local community projects and farmers.

Luxury Botswana safari operator Desert & Delta Safaris have devised an exciting initiative called the CARES Movement. The initiative enables guests to book a safari at 2020 rates that they can take up to the 31st December 2022. Time is of the essence! The vouchers can be purchased until the 30th of September 2020 and allow travellers to get incredible value for their safari. Offering complete flexibility, for every $100 of revenue generated from each voucher, Desert & Delta Safaris will directly donate $10 to Elephants Without Borders to assist local farmers and communities living in wildlife areas. With prices starting from just $3324 per person, there has never been a better time to book.

Living with the largest land mammal can be problematic. It can result in food insecurity by crop-raiding and can at times be life-threatening when living and sharing the space with wild elephants. Human-elephant conflict is the leading dilemma for the conservation of elephants across the world. Desert & Delta Safaris are working together with Elephants Without Borders to protect communities and farmers. Desert & Delta Safaris prides itself as first and foremost a local citizen development organisation operating a responsible travel company. Their foundation is based on the CARES Philosophy which represents the Community, Advanced Health Care, Responsible Travel, Equality & Spirituality of the organisation. The initial target was to raise $10,000 but after such an overwhelming response in the early weeks, Desert & Delta Safaris wanted to increase the amount to $20,000 and to raise this sum, have extended the voucher scheme until the end of September.

Proving that not everyone likes to disco dance, the funds raised will support Elephants Without Borders and Desert & Delta Safaris to donate ‘EleSenses’ toolkit initiatives for communities and farmers. The toolkit is a low-cost, user-friendly, mobile solar-powered mitigation system aimed to protect human lives and property. The tools have been tried and tested with substantial success. One of the techniques is a multi-coloured solar strobe light system referred to as the ‘disco effect’ appears as a barrier to potential crop-raiding elephants, which discourages them from entering a field at night. The pattern can be rotated frequently, dependent on the number of elephants passing the area, which reduces the chances of the elephant’s habituating to the flashing pattern. These tools kits have been gratefully received by farmers and communities and are providing a great success!

“While tourism income is not incoming during this crisis, we are still committed to looking after our employees and their families. Every staff member has retained his or her job. However, community and conservation initiatives are also suffering, so we want to ignite the CARES Movement to stimulate bookings and help non-profit organisations continue their good work!” Explained Desert & Delta Safaris Marketing Director, James Wilson.

Desert & Delta Safaris was the first Botswana based luxury safari group to establish itself on the international tourism map. They are exceptionally proud of their company ethos in empowering local citizens. They pride themselves as first and foremost a local citizen development organization, operating a Responsible Travel company.

A CARES Movement voucher is an opportunity for future travellers to make an immediate impact while securing the best possible rate for their dream African safari.

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