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Discover Messolonghi


Give your customers a trip to the greek tradition, in a place that has left the most powerful "footprint" in the course of Greek history at Missolonghi. The Holy City of Mesolongi, as declared in 1837, a benchmark in the culinary tradition with tastes from high quality materials with the most varied fish production center of Greece, the lagoon, formed between the delta of the rivers Acheloos and Evinos.

Do you want to recommend to your customers something different? Messolonghi is a new tourist destination that can offer the traveler an unforgettable experience.
The local travel agency Discover Messolonghi offers guided tours and tours to archaeological and historical sites, museums, monasteries and outdoor activities.

Among the tourist services offered by Discover Messolonghi, are the tours (of historic and gastronomic character) as well as ecotourism and all sorts of activities (sailing, horse riding, traditional dancing, diving, photography, monitoring etc. birds), which are being organized in Messolonghi region in cooperation with reliable suppliers, kind knowledgeable.

A few words about the activities that someone can so in Messolonghi

Gastro History Tour In the Lagoon of Messolonghi (2 & 3 Days)
A trip in the tradition of taste, in a place that has left the most powerful "footprint" in the course of Greek history at Messolonghi. The Holy City of Messolonghi, as it was declared in 1837, a benchmark in the culinary tradition with flavours from high quality materials from the richest fish production centre of our country, the lagoon of Messolonghi, formed between the delta of the rivers Acheloos and Evinos.


Water Routes in the Lagoon of Messolonghi
The tour of Messolonghi - Aetoliko Lagoon, is not just a visitor's acquaintance with the water element, but also with the hospitality of one of the largest and diverse ecosystems of Europe. With water routes organized by Discover Messolonghi, a visitor can admire the complexity of the islands of the lagoon with its picturesque pelades of the fishermen, the seasonal birds, the feast of colours of the sunset. You will experience the harmonious coexistence between man and nature through fishing, sports and recreational activities.


The Messolonghi lagoon is classified as a national park and protected by the Ramsar Convention and the Treaty Natura2000. About two hundred and seventy species of birds find shelter, and incubate in it, thanks to the safe shallow waters of the lagoon, which are not exceeding a depth of eighty centimetres long. There are also 36 fish species living and reproducing in the lagoon, while the ecosystem found 23 different species of reptiles and mammals. So through the excursions organized by the tourist office Discover Messolonghi, the visitor has the opportunity to learn all kinds of birds and mammals from the national park.


Trekking from Messolonghi to Tourlida
It is a path of six kilometers leading to the heart of the lagoon Klisova and the islet of Tourlida, and it is easy because it is flat. The view of the lagoon around the island of Klisova with its chapel is charming. Admire the houses of the lakeside settlement of Tourlida, meteors over the water, mounted on poles, thin like the legs of Black-winged stilts and cormorants that cross the lagoon, admire the "gaitas", the fishing boats without a keel that slide into the shallow water session, browse the pens and the eel farms.


Stroll to Aetoliko
Aetoliko is the most populated city over the water in Greece, and its especially graphic character makes it a beautiful destination to spend a day near Messolonghi and deal with art, religious tradition, tasting and the experience of horse riding.


Tour of Arakinthos (1 Day Excursion)
Arakinthos or Zygos, is a mountain of the Aetoloakarnania prefecture, south of Lake Trichonis and north of the Messolonghi Lagoon. It is 984 meters high. Arakinthos is located in the narrow gorge of Kleisoura through which the Messolonghi region is connected with the region of Agrinio. Through this magnificent journey that offers the travel agency Discover Messolonghi then, visitors will be able to see and very beautiful mountain side of Missolonghi.


Photographic Safari in the Lagoon of Messolonghi (1 Day Excursion)
The lagoon of Messolonghi - Aetoliko is an ecosystem suitable to accommodate hundreds of species of wildlife, bird and fish fauna, classified in one of the most important wetlands in Europe. An environment full of images of natural beauty, wildlife, and the human element is active and interacts with the lagoon environment. The observation in the field of Tourlida saltmarshes might take three stops according to the locations of bird concentrations depending on the season and weather. 


Rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing
And for the extreme sports enthusiasts, Messolonghi has the solution, offering excellent programs. A series of sports activities such as rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, archery, horseback riding, hiking, air passage, are all available to the visitor.







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