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Eclecticism style: How to use it in your design


In eclecticism, you can create a combination of all the different styles, such as traditional classic, ethnic, modern, retro, Mediterranean and others, to achieve amazing results.

Eclecticism is a non-unitary system of thinking, which gathers different elements from various systems of thought and artistic styles. The name comes from the Greek word “ἐκλεκτός”, meaning "selected", so it is about choosing the best of the best. Eclecticism is a difficult path for a designer, a combination of incongruous and the most unexpected options under the auspices of a single common idea. When you see the interior in an eclectic style, it seems that the Mad Hatter has worked here. But in fact, you just have to look closely and the harmonious beauty of the interior becomes visible in everything.

In eclecticism, you can create a combination of all the different styles, such as traditional classic, ethnic, modern, retro, Mediterranean and others, to achieve amazing results. It can sometimes seem gaudy or too tricky, and eclecticism is inevitably criticized by some for lack of consistency. But this way you can easily overcome the stylistic stagnation, it is also simple and interesting to update it. And it also helps to satisfy the various needs of the interior owners, whether it is neoclassicism or vintage that has come into fashion. By omitting the rigid stylistic boundaries of reference to a specific interior direction, you create your own unique style, and it can be a lot of fun!

And here are eight tips for working in this style.

1. Scale
The size scale matters. Pay special attention to how interior details relate to each other. Use layers boldly and unpredictably without the fear of your combinations being “too much.” This is a particularly effective method for organizing interiors in the eclecticism style. Place large objects in the background and smaller ones in front. This way you can add depth and confidence to your space.

2. Play on contrasts
It is better to choose details that are very different in mood, epoch, or style than just slightly different ones. For example, a classic white wooden table with curved legs is a good match for a modern black-framed mirror. Throw everything you have against the wall and see what sticks, so to speak.

3. Reasonable limitations
Finding your perfect eclectic sense, it is worth choosing several styles that you want to mix but do not scatter and do not overdo it. The general recommendation is 3-4 styles that you will be guided by so that your interior does not look like a common furniture store. Start by choosing one preferable direction and then add a little bit of everything as in a good recipe for the perfect dish.

4. United we stand
In order to harmoniously combine various elements, you need a special one which will become the leading, guiding element and the main motive. The most common and easiest way to do this is through color. You can bring as many unusual interior details as you like into one room, but it's better not to flirt with too many colors. We recommend choosing just one for large areas, it will cover the walls and the floor and here designers need to be especially careful with bright colors, they will rarely be suitable for large spaces. The second color is the supporting one, it will harmoniously highlight furniture, such as a wardrobe or a sofa, and a maximum of two additional colors will work as accents in the form of decorative details (pictures, lamps, pillows and so on).

5. The devil is in the detail
In eclecticism, there is nothing more important than details: looking at your interior you need to look at the big picture and link together all the details from different styles and epochs. For example, a high-tech style cabinet and an Art Nouveau table can be connected through accessories of the same color, or a decorative tablecloth, or some tableware. To find some fascinating furniture pieces with interesting details you can go to

6. Empty walls as an artist’s canvas
Eclecticism does not tolerate emptiness, and therefore the walls are the ideal white canvas for a designer being a bold artist. This white canvas will fill dozens of details in which classic paintings will coexist with modern art or works from the Art Deco epoch. The main task is to make everything look harmonious and organic together. But here everything depends on the skill. Firstly, it is important to take into account that there can be a lot of objects on the walls, but it is their composition that will become key, our minds perceive the wall as a whole, as one drawing and everything in it should work towards the common goal. Secondly, we shall return again to the topic of unification or connections through a certain theme such as a few dominant colors.

7. Eclecticism is always a challenge
This style is chosen by the most daring interior designers and homeowners who are ready to create something beautiful by combining a million details. They gather this puzzle experimentally, so the result will always be unexpected. It is almost impossible to create another such interior, because every layer, every component is unique. It has a special vibe that is unmistakable. The task here on the verge of incredible is to combine details and elements that at first glance seem absolutely incongruous.

8. Abundance is the key
As you already probably guessed correctly, eclecticism is built on the concept of abundance, the more is the better here. This particular style is famous for its many decorative items, there are never too many accessories here. It is a combination of bright beautiful things that creates a feeling of comfort and chic, this style is chosen by creative people with a crazy inner world that is at least partially reflected in the interior of their apartment or house. It is a riot of colors and creative ideas that can be expressed through handmade works of different artists and various trends, interior details of different countries, works of art of any kind.

Eclecticism gives you the ultimate freedom in interior design, so use it wisely and you will be rewarded with a place that feels special and looks like nothing you have seen before.

Photo by Nugroho Wahyu from Pexels

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