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Eight reasons to travel instead of partying on your birthday


Here are the 8 reasons to justify our claim.

Is your birthday coming this month? It is always so exciting when it's your birthday month right? It doesn't matter how much we try to limit our expectations, we tend to want the best birthday ever. Now, if you are trying to think of something for your birthday, we have got a great idea. An unlikely opinion but if you celebrate your birthday’s partying just a few years, you will definitely get on board with us. We think it is better to travel on your birthday rather than party. Here are the 8 reasons to justify our claim.

1. Celebrate more than a day
Birthdays are significant but they get over so soon right? Don’t let that happen then. Plan your birthday for more than just a day. You can travel for more than a day and plan a weekend or a whole week or maybe even 2 weeks, it's all up to you. What this will do is give you the birthday vibe throughout the journey till you come home again.

2. Enjoy abroad
Travelling outside your country could be a great birth plan. It will put you out and get you to do new things and visit new places and look at new things, gain new and different experiences. This will definitely not be a weekend plan. You might just enjoy your whole birthday month. It is also a perfect plan where you can take your family and close friends along with you to enjoy. Along with this, you will also get out of your routine life and relax.

3. Meet new people
If you are going out to a new city, state or maybe a country. It will lead you to meet new people and a new culture that is always interesting and exciting. You will learn to open up and enjoy more and try new things. This can also lead you to try the local stuff and know more about local things and all this could turn out to be a relishing experience overall.

4. Don’t stress about planning
Planning a birthday can be stressful. You may not be able to decide on things and there might be some frustration too. This would not be an ideal time just before your birthday. Planning a trip outside is still planning agreed but you never know what to expect. The thing that you need to do is to plan your travels and stays. All other plans can be instant and you can enjoy what life throws at you.

5. Try new adventures
When you travel, you can go on new adventures, depending on your destination, you can choose to try new sports, or maybe hike in the mountains or do something you always wanted but were scared to do it. This is why choosing a good destination to travel to on your birthday is vital. If you are having a long trip, you can travel to multiple places as well. But it is also important to plan ahead in time so that you do not get bored because there isn’t much to do where you decided to go. If you are a big fan of drinks and love to carry cans then you can use koozies for Birthday which can give great energy and keep your drink cool in the summer season. 

6. Enjoy birthday discounts
One of our favourite reason to travel on birthdays is you can get discounts almost everywhere you go. Birthdays are special and people are genuinely happy to give you a little discount on things. So you might get a discount or a special seat on your flight to your destination, you might get free drinks, you might get a special welcome to your hotel, etc. There are many possibilities and that is why travelling on your birthday can bring so many unexpected surprises.

7. Bond with your special people
Let’s be honest, you may not get enough time out of your routine life to engage and bond with the people you are closest to. Therefore a planned trip on your birthday with them can be a perfect time to bond with them, talk, laugh, eat, and cherish the love. This will make your birthday even more special and you will enjoy every second of the travel because of two reasons, one your special ones are with you and two, it's your birthday!!!!

8. Relish these memories forever
Partying for a single day is probably you drinking with your friends for a few hours. Honestly, that is not something you will remember after a few months. You can do this on any day but planning a trip to your favourite destinations on your birthday is something to cherish forever, especially if you travel with your loved ones. Do not forget to take lots of photos that will keep your memories fresh forever.

Decided on your birthday destination yet
We are sure, you are already thinking about places you want to travel to on your birthday. Plan an exciting birthday for yourself and enjoy it with your loved ones. Do not forget to check our tips and make your birthday even more special.

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